"Battle Los Angeles©"
Frequency '120' Message to the Spiritual Warriors
of the Loadicean 7th Era of the True Church!

This movie is a wonderful metaphor for both those who are now the few truly-converted saints and elect of Yah, and those today who are being called to follow them to get safely back home.

Here are some of the important points made in this movie:

  1. The word "Battle" in Rev 9:7,9 comes from "polemos", which means war, fight, dispute.
  2. The word "Los Angeles" in Rev 3:14 comes from "Aggelos", which means messenger, to bring a message, announce, proclaim, to declare beforehand, to signify plainly; it is a name of an office, or a human messenger. Could this be about a "Battle-Cry" announcement, a "disclosure of what is to come" inspired by the Holy Spirit as promised in Jn 16:13-15?
  3. The movie starts with a Marine sergeant quitting the Marines, which appears to be contrary to the Marine motto, but which, later in the movie, he uses to encourage a young boy who had just lost his father who died from a battle wound when he bravely fought the aliens himself. This shows how the idea and energy of never quitting can be reclaimed, even though in a time of peace and safety you decide to quit fighting (and become lukewarm like the Loadicieans). Notice the emphasis on overcoming and enduring in chapter two of Revelation. The saints likewise should never quit.
  4. The sergeant, although he had decided to quit and was officially released from the Marines, when called upon to serve by his commander because of the alien attack, he responded and joined the fight, despite being technically at that point a civilian. In the same way, we can respond to our Commander's call when our fellow brethren and civilians need our protection and help in this present world which truly is under attack right now from a very real and powerful alien force of wicked spirits in high places.
  5. The aliens wanted our water. Water, in the Bible is a symbol of the Creator's Holy Spirit. Satan and his demons want to drain us of all of that Holy Spirit today, to destroy us spiritually. Notice that Marines are "Water Warriors", and likewise the Saints are "Holy Spirit Warriors", fighting spiritual battles to keep their water from running out and being stolen by the attacks of Satan's agents in the modern Babylon of commercial warfare, wearing them down with Satanic transmitting devices in the Main Stream Media (MSM).
  6. The aliens had a powerful transmitting spaceship device that was managing all of the drone ships that were controlling the air space. Notice that Satan is called "the Prince of the power of the air" in Eph 2:2 (KJV).
  7. The Marines had a mission to find and destroy this device, but failed and had retreated. The Sergeant realized he was the only one in a position behind enemy lines to continue that mission. So, although he could have continued on with the civilians back to the airbase and safety, he decided alone to drop out of the helicopter and continue that mission. He took the lead alone, which then inspired the rest of his small unit to follow and help him accomplish that mission. And he could not have succeeded without their help as a fighting unit. We can see the metaphor in this for the "Marine-Saints" today. It only takes the initiative and courage of one to start the ball rolling, so others will follow. The Mission of the Pentecost Nation website cannot be accomplished without the help of a few courageous saints acting as a unit of "Marine Water-Spirit-Warriors".
  8. The Marines discovered that the device was "undergound". Today, the source of the alien [Satanic] transmission is underground too, unseen because it is a spiritual device. Notice that we are warned not be ignorant of his [Satan's] devices in 2 Cor 2:11 (KJV).
  9. The Marines had to get to "high ground" to send their call to the airbase to inform them to launch a missle to destroy the device. Likewise, the Saints today are instructed to "Get yourself up on a high mountain, O Zion, bearer of good news," [of the Desert Miracle and the Pentecost Nation!] in Isa 40:9.
  10. The call to the airbase told them that the laserbeam, that would "light up" the enemy target, and would be transmitting a frequency of "120". Notice that the number "120" in Bible refers to a "Probationary Period Awaiting the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit" (Acts 1:15). Is the Creator giving a HUGE CLUE here by inspiring the use of this very significant number, "120", at the very time today when we are in the Loadicean 7th era of the Church, just before the BIG EVENTS of the transformation of the desert to fulfill Holyday #2, and The Gathering of people worldwide to that desert oasis in response to that miracle in order to fulfill Holyday #3, Pentecost, the Feast of Firstfruits, which Feast was typified by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Jerusalem in 30 A.D., as described in Acts 2? Is this just a coincidence? "He who has ears to hear, let him hear what the the Spirit says to the churches" (Rev 3:22).
  11. The Saint's Mission today, right now, in this probationary period, is to likewise send out the "call" and to "light up the target" with this "120" frequency message, and expose and neuralize the real source that is transmitting to all of the "drones" in this world so that we can reclaim the airspace and airwaves to broadcast and proclaim and announce beforehand the soon-coming fulfillment of Holydays #2 and #3, so that when they do occur, many be believe and respond to gather and become that Holy Nation! That Holy Nation has a tremendous Mission itself of possibly preventing the destruction of the earth by Satan and his agents, if it thrives as a model nation of the Creator's way of life of cooperation and sharing. instead of competition and commerce.
  12. The missile did hit the target and destroyed it. The marines did not see where the missle came from, and could not have fired it themselves, but they did their part of shining the laser light on it, which was required to have the missile hit the target. Likewise, we just need to shine the light of the truth of Holydays 2 and 3 on the target and then the Creator will do his own "Shock and Awe" compaign in the desert to silence the broadcasting of the lies in the MSM about evolution and competition that are controlling the "drones", the unconscious brainwashed "masses" exploited today unawares. Then we can begin to reclaim "Los Angeles" - the real message of the true good news (gospel) planned for mankind as outlined by the 7 Annual Holydays of Leviticus 23!

    My intuition is that the Creator is using this movie to wake us up to our calling to be His "Spiritual Marines" (Water-Holy Spirit-Overcomers) by sending us this "120" frequency message. Does it "resonate" with you? Just a few are being called and chosen now to help prepare the way for the BIG EVENTS of Holydays 2 and 3. Their Mission is to "light up" and expose the unseen transmitting source (Satan) by proclaiming and announcing these 2 BIG EVENTS of Holydays 2 and 3 beforehand, so that when they DO OCCUR, many will believe and respond by gathering together in the Desert Garden of Eden created by Our Father as their "Home-Base", to become the Holy Model Nation that will hopefully, in turn, convict many more in the world of the truth of the existence of the Creator, of His Son as our Passover by fulfilling Holyday #1, and of His Way of Life of cooperation and sharing, and by His Grace and Mercy, possibly prevent further destruction of this earth by Satan and his agents as prophesied in the latter chapters of Revelation.