The Cause and the Remedy
Hidden in Plain Sight!

Would you believe it if someone told you that the CAUSE of all of our problems today stems from not observing the Annual Holydays in Leviticus 23?

Would you believe it if someone told you that the only true and real REMEDY to all of our problems today must start with and be founded upon keeping the Annual Holydays in Leviticus 23?

Following are verses in the Holy Bible that hopefully will cause you to seriously consider the implications and repercussions of the above two questions that only you can answer for yourself.

Isa 42.22-24
Our people today are being "plundered" by the Creator's authority. Resisting and fighting the "punishment" from the Creator does not make sense. Neither does blaming or attacking the perpetrators of this punishment. What makes sense is to acknowledge, understand and eliminate the CAUSE of the punishment. Focus on the CAUSE - not the EFFECTS.

Ps 119.118
Here is the CAUSE - Our people are being rejected (punished) today (as were our ancient ancestors in the past) for wandering from the Creator's "statutes".

Lev 23
The Creator's "statutes" are the Seven Annual Holydays outlined in Lev 23. They were declared to be "perpetual statutes, throughout your generations".

Ezek 20.10-25
We and our ancestors have been scattered for rejecting the Creator's statutes, and now we are under the penalty and jurisdiction of "statutes that were not good... by which they could not live" that "I [the Creator] also gave them" [as our punishment!].

Deut 28.15,43-45
We have had the blessings unconditionally promised to Abraham, Issac and Jacob of being a "nation and company of nations" (Gen 22.15-18; 26.1-5; 35.10-11). Likewise, we are now getting the curses promised in Deut 28 since we are not keeping the Creator's statutes.

Deut 30.1-10
AFTER our people have experienced both the Blessing and the Curses, the restoration and regathering of our people is promised IF we keep the Creator's statutes, and realize the CAUSE and EFFECT relationship.

Isa 8.11-14
Our FOCUS should be on the Creator - NOT the "New World Order" or the "Beast". Once we do that, the Creator will become our "Sanctuary".

Isa 55
The Creator's focus right now is on orchestrating the rise of this "Sanctuary". It will be an actual "nation" where anyone who desires to can live "without cost". It will be a time of amnesty for all of mankind, a period of grace for everyone on earth to choose between the Creator's "Holy Nation" and the "Beast". The rise of the "Holy Nation" will be signalled by an "Everlasting Sign" - a supernatural transformation of the desert (Isa 55.13).

Mic 7.15
This supernatural transformation is the miracle promised in Mic 7.15 that is related to the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, especially the crossing of the Red Sea on the Last Day of Unleavened Bread, thereby finally fulfilling the type for the 2nd Annual Holyday.

Rev 4
This supernatural transformation is also the awesome world-shaking act of CREATION described in Revelation 4. This chapter in Revelation describes the reaction in heaven to this BIG EVENT on earth that fulfills the 2nd Annual Holyday. This reaction is a unanimous recognition and acceptance and worship of the Being on the Throne as the Creator of the entire Universe.

Rev 5
This chapter in Revelation describes the fulfillment of the 3rd Annual Holyday as the next BIG EVENT to occur on earth - the rise of the "kingdom of priests" (Rev 5.9-10), comprised of people called from every nation on earth to come to the "Holy Nation" to live the way of life the Creator intended for Mankind in the beginning in the Garden of Eden. This gathering of the "called out ones" from all nations will be a worldwide witness that the Creator's way of life of sharing and cooperating DOES WORK! It will be the only REMEDY for those who want to escape the "Beast".

Ex 32.25
The Creator is behind the rise of both the "Beast" and His own "Holy Nation" so that it will become crytal clear that people will HAVE to make a CHOICE. "So choose life in order that you may live, you and your descendants" (Deut 30.19). Fighting the "Beast" now is fighting against this higher purpose of the Creator, and why the Messiah instructed his saints to "let both grow together until the harvest" (Mt 13.24-30) when the Creator will take over and at that time destroy the "Beast" and its followers. Trying to defeat the "Beast" now is counterproductive to the Creator's plan to bring all mankinfd to a point of decision in this "End Time" - to enable as many people as possible to see that the CHOICE is between two world systems. As the "Beast" enslaves people more, it will be easier for more people to choose the freedom and prosperity that will exist and be on display to the entire world in the Creator's "Holy Nation" in the miraculously transformed desert.

Rev 22.17
Our responsibility today, as saints, is to hear the call to "Come" when it is proclaimed by the fulfillment on the 2nd Annual Holyday, and, when we hear it, to tell others, our loved ones and friends, to "Come" too. This call will be to come and gather together as the Creator's "Holy Nation" (Isa 55.5). The time for this "Call" is imminent. "Yes, I am coming quickly" says the Messiah in Rev 22.20. Our response also should be "Amen. Come Lord Yeshua." as it says in Rev 22.20.