"Flight Plan"
Another Parable for the 'Pentecost Nation'!

This appears to be a message to those who are being called to proclaim that the "daughter of Jerusalem" - the "Pentecost Nation" - is REAL!

Here are some of the important points made in this movie:

  1. The "Flight Plan" is a metaphor for the Leviticus 23 "Holyday Plan" for our journey "home" to the Creator... Our Father.
  2. The mother and daughter characters are a metaphor for "Zion" (the mother being the church ages of Rev 2-3) and the "daughter of Zion" (the daughter being the end-time saints who are the firstfuits comprising the Pentecost Nation (Isa 1.8; 49;14-26; 52.2; 62.1-12).
  3. the number "61" on hotel entrance, under the broken head of a woman, is a clue that we need to add "6" (man's wisdom) and "1" (Primacy of Creator) to get "7" (spiritual perfection or completeness), implying that to understand the message of this movie we will need to add up all the clues throughtout the movie to get the BIG PICTURE of what the Creator is trying to tell us - the end-time saints.
  4. The world cannot "see" (recognize, acknowledge) the existence/reality of the daughter (the Pentecost Nation).
  5. The mother (the remnant of Philadephia and Laodicea eras of the true church) does "see" (believe in) the existence/reality of the daughter (the Pentecost Nation).
  6. the mother cannot convince the world that her daughter is REAL.
  7. The world only believes what they are told to believe by the "authorities".
  8. sometimes those who have a "childlike" attitude do "see" the daughter (the 2 other children on the flight, at the end of the movie when the mother was leaving the flight gate with her daughter, said: "I told you there was a little girl!").
  9. The world thinks that the mother is crazy when she proclaims that her daughter is REAL.
  10. The mother and daughter both fell "asleep"... just like the condition of the mother and daughter church today and during the middle ages.
  11. The mother was sorry that she feel asleep (the true church is now realizing that it is her own fault that her birthright has been "lost").
  12. The mother almost began doubting the reality of her daughter too, until she saw the "heart" on the window as she breathed on it (the breath of the Holy Spirit reveals the reality of truth, love and ourselves.
  13. The heart is a symbol of love. "By this shall they know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another."
  14. The husband (Messiah) was on the plane with the mother and daughter. The Messiah said "I will never leave you" and "I am with you always, even unto the end of the age."
  15. The captain's duty was to protect the passengers (public safety) - not to find the Truth.
  16. The flight is over the ocean (admiralty) to New York (land).
  17. The flight was diverted to "New Found Land"... a metaphor for the miraculous desert oasis (Isa 55.13)?
  18. The mother's husband was killed for money (husband a type of the Messiah?)
  19. The long flight was through the "night"... the darkness of the fiction world that has no truth/light.
  20. Carson, the air marshall, said that no one cared about her duaghter... they didn't even notice when he took her. This perfectly describes the apathy and selfishness rampant in the world and in the church today. We are not "watching" as we have been warned to do.
  21. At the end of the movie, the mother carries the daughter from the plane... as the mother has "carried" the daughter and will deliver the duaghter (Pentecost Nation) to safety, and amaze the world that the "Pentecost Nation" she had been proclaiming is truly REAL!
  22. The world's plan to destroy the "daughter" will fail (Isa 2.1-6; Micah 4.6-10; Rev 5.9-10).
  23. The mother and daughter were seated in row "26" (26 = "the Gospel of Christ").
  24. There were 32 other children on board (32 = "Covenent).
  25. Julia was the "33"rd child (33 = Promise). Julia was the child of promise... the promised "Pentecost Nation", fulfilling the 3rd Holyday!
  26. The anount of money transferred to Swiss account was $50 Million (50 = Pentecost, Holy Spirit, Jubilee).
  27. The mother began taking control once she realized the deception by the Air Marshal (the "authorities"), telling Carson "You get off the plane when I say you get off the plane!". Likewise, the true church needs to start "declaring" its message to the world, and taking charge of saving/delivering the "daughter".

    My intuition is that the Creator is using this movie to wake us up to our true identity AND our MISSION to believe in and PROCLAIM the reality of the "Pentecost Nation" - the daughter of Zion - His People - to this world!

    Satan knows that the death of the Messiah (Husband) fulfilled the 1st Holyday, and is now doing all he can to "hide" the truth about the 2nd and 3rd Holydays from this world and from the true church. Satan is trying to kill the daughter today just as he tried to kill the Messiah and the Church at their beginnings. However, just as in "Flight Plan", his plan will not succeed. The rising up of the "Pentecost Nation" is as sure as rain causing the grass to grow (Isa 55.10-11)!