The next BIG event on Earth!

The best kept secret on Earth is the meaning of the Annual Holydays in Leviticus 23.

Almost everyone acknowledges that something BIG happened when the Messiah died and was resurrected in fulfillment of the first Annual Holyday named "Passover". In fact, the world's calendar even changed, now counting years in AD - Anno Domini "Year of the Lord"! However, virtually no one expects something AS BIG or BIGGER to happen to fulfill the second Annual Holyday named "Last Day of Unleavened Bread".

Tragically, the world completely overlooks the fulfillment of the second and third Annual Holydays, and instead focuses entirely upon the fulfillment of the fourth Annual Holyday named "Feast of Trumpets", picturing the return of the Messiah.

Today, YOU are invited to unlock the secret of the Second and Third Annual Holydays by visiting and reading its articles and movie reviews.

Something BIG and WONDERFUL is about to happen, and you can play a major part in helping proclaim this GOOD NEWS to the world, and in enjoying the many blessings it will shower upon this Earth.

The 2nd Holyday has not occurred yet in history!

I believe that the Feast of Unleavened Bread is a type of a period of time. It begins and ends with Holydays. The last day, the 2nd Holyday, marks the END of that period of time.

I believe that period of time (7 days) corresponds to the 7 churches, the 7 church eras, outlined in Rev 2 & 3. Rev 4, with its focus on worshipping the Creator is the reaction in heaven to them witnessing the miraculous desert creation on the earth that occurs as the FULFILLMENT of the 2nd Holyday.

If we are in the Laodicean Era, the 7th church, then its end is very near, and will be marked by the BIG event of the 2nd Holyday.

Then, IF the 7x7 applies since this a "prophetic" period, the day after is the 50th day -- Pentecost -- the 3rd Holyday.

Notice Revelation chapters 4 and 5. WHY are these two chapters placed just BEFORE chapter 6 where the Seals are opened that lead to the Great Tribulation and the wars signified by the 4th Annual Holyday? I believe that this placement is very important. I believe this confirms that the 2nd and 3rd Annual Holydays MUST occur BEFORE the Tribulation! This is tremendously GOOD NEWS! This means that the 2nd and 3rd Annual Holydays are YET TO BE FULLFILLED! This revelation is going to give hope to many who are now very discouraged by the overwhelming bad news we are hearing every day!

Just think for a minute on this. IF the death of the Messiah fulfilled the 1st Holyday, and IF the Pentecost of Acts 2 fulfilled the 3rd Holyday, then what happened to the FULFILLMENT of the 2nd Holyday? What BIG EVENT happened between the death and resurrection of the Messiah AND the Pentecost of Acts 2?

The Resurrection event does NOT fulfill the TYPE that was set by miraculous deliverance of the Israelites in crossing the Red Sea that occurred on that Last Day of Unleavened Bread in that time. The Resurrection event fulfills the Wave Sheaf ceremony recorded in Leviticus 23:10-14, and that ceremony is separate from and does not represent Holyday 2. The Wave Sheaf ceremony is very important, and is a “perpetual statute”, but it is clear that God did not give it the status of a Holyday “holy convocation” event. However, it’s timing of always starting on a Sunday directly links it to the Sunday Holyday that occurs 50 days later, on Pentecost, the Feast of Firstfruits, revealing the intimate “marriage” connection that Christ, the First of the Firstfruits, has with the Firstfruits, His Bride, the saints that He will marry on Holyday 3, Pentecost. So, the Wave Sheaf Resurrection event, while itself not a holyday, is however intimately connected with Holyday 3, Pentecost, on which a Marriage ceremony is performed between Christ and His Bride, the Firstfruits from many nations, BEFORE Christ returns to this earth (Zech 2:10-11).

So, again, What BIG EVENT happened between the death and resurrection of the Messiah AND the Pentecost of Acts 2?

No one has ever addressed this issue!

Overlooking this issue has caused everyone in the New Testament era to focus on the gloom and doom of the 4th Holyday... the "End of the World" and the Tribulation, enabling us to be easily manipulated by FEAR and paranoia by the "churches" of this world.

Why would God skip over the second holy day to fulfill the third one out of sequence?

That is the crucial question! That is the question that reveals the FALSE ASSUMPTION made about the Pentecost of Acts 2 -- the assumption that it was a FULFILLMENT, and NOT a TYPE of a yet FUTURE PENTECOST EVENT!

I believe that the Pentecost of Acts 2 was only a TYPE -- not a FULFILLMENT... precisely because there was no BIG EVENT that happened between the Messiah's death and resurrection AND the Pentecost of Acts 2.

The FIRST HARVEST (Pentecost, 3rd Holyday) is still yet to come... AFTER the 2nd Holyday occurs. This is exactly the issue I am trying to point out!

I believe in the "church eras". Some, perhaps many, do not. I believe the Creator put them in REVELATION to show that they were "prophetic" in application (not just for apostolic times), and that there is a chronological and linear timeline to the placement of these chapters in Revelation. I do not think a "day for a year" applies to these "eras". I believe the Creator was measuring the time BY these periods during which He was calling and training "samples" of those times who could relate to the people of those times when they were resurrected in the 2nd resurection. That is why the periods are not static and equal... He wanted to be able to shorten/lengthen each period according to the times that the "chosen samples" were living in. In some eras, it may perhaps take longer to call enough people in, or the times did not change enough for Him to begin a new era... who knows... I am just speculating here.

Perhaps this is all just SPECULATION on my part, but I have an intuition that this is the real meaning of the 2nd Holyday, that it ENDS the Church Eras, and then comes the FIRST HARVEST, as a TYPE of the FALL HARVEST that occurs after the Messiah returns. I believe the "Kingdom of Priests" referred to in Rev 5.9-10 is this First Harvest.