"Just Like Heaven"
A Parable about the 'Everlasting Sign'!

This appears to be a message to those who are being called to recognize that the "Everlasting Sign" - the "Garden Miracle in the Desert" - is NOT a dream, it is REAL and will be "Just Like Heaven"!!!

Here are some of the important points made in this movie:

  1. "Just Like Heaven" is a metaphor for the Leviticus 23 "Holyday Plan" for our journey "home" to the Creator of the Garden, Our Father, and finally know "what life is all about"!
  2. Elizabeth (Lizzy) is a type of the Church, in the business of saving lives.
  3. David is a landcape architect, a type of the Creator, the architect of the Garden of Eden.
  4. "In the beginning" of the movie, Lizzy was dreaming of being in a beautiful garden, a type of the Garden of Eden. Later in the movie, she remembered being in the Garden that David created.
  5. "In the ending" of the movie, in the middle of the rooftop garden David created for Lizzy, as he touched her hand, she finally remembered who David was, and that the dream she had with David was REAL!
  6. Touching, "Laying on the Hands", is how the Holy Spirit of Life is transferred to the new believer, begetting a new spiritual creation, a new son or daughter of the Divine Family.
  7. In the rooftop garden, David and Elizabeth were standing on a octagon-shaped wooden porch. 8 is the Biblical number associated with Creation, and "New Beginnings"!
  8. Lizzy was in a coma for 3 months. 3 is a Biblical number associated with the Church.
  9. Lizzy was on duty 23 hours. 23 is the Biblical number associated with Death. She was asleep/dreaming in the hospital break room at that point in the movie.
  10. Lizzy was on duty 26 hours when she got the good news that she was hired for a position in the hospital. 26 is a Biblical number associated with the Gospel of the Messiah. Gospel means "good news".
  11. Lizzy finally realized that David was her "unfinished business".
  12. Lizzy sensed that if David could ever really touch her, that she would wake up. And she did, once she was "in the garden" on the rooftop. In the same way, the remnant generation, "A seed" (Ps 22.30), of the Holy People in the End Time will remember what the Messiah did in 30AD, once we are in the garden that will be created in the desert as the "everlasting sign" (Isa 55.13). "They will come and will declare His righteousness to a people who will be born, that He has performed [paid]" (Ps 22.31), and "all the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the Lord, and all the families of the nations will worhip before Thee" (Ps 22.27). The very last thoughts of the Messiah were about us in this End Time... that there would be a generation, a seed, who would remember Him, and the price He paid for all of us! Some of us today will be awakened by this "touching" display of true love! He is trying to touch you now ... will you wake up? Will you wake up when the garden is miraculously created in the desert? That is the message of this movie! This is OUR "unfinished business"!
  13. Lizzy was revived by David breathing life into her when he tried to steal her body from the hospital. "Breath" is also a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Are we being receptive to the breath of Life from our Creator... the inspiration from this and other movies that the Creator is using to revive and awaken us?
  14. David and Lizzy were set to meet each other. We also, as the Church, have a date set with our Creator in the garden that the Creator will miraculously create in the desert (Isa 55.13). The date is set and will be the fulfillment of the 2nd Holyday, the Last Day of Unleavened Bread, of which the type in the Old Testament was the miraculous deliverance of the Chosen People, the physical nation of the Israelites, at the Red Sea. Today the Chosen People are being called from every nation in the world, and they will be redeemed/released from modern Egypt and gather together (Ps 107.1-7) in the "desert garden" to become the "Holy Pentecost Nation" (Micah 4.6-13) and "Kingdom of Priests" (Rev 5.9-10), in fulfillment of the 3rd Holyday, "Pentecost", BEFORE the return of the Messiah as symbolized by the 4th Holyday, the "Feast of Trumpets". Fulfilling the 2nd and 3rd Holydays is our "unfinished business" with our Creator!
  15. David and Lizzy met by way of the real estate sales persons activities which hooked David up to the apartment in which Lizzy lived. The real estate person's name was Grace. Grace always is used to bring remedy to God's people.
  16. Lizzy's apartment was rented to David for only one month or 30 days. The number 30 is "the blood of Christ". It is what brought Lizzy out of her coma (lack of knowledge of her Savior) and back to the world. The period of 30 days is also the time to settle the account in commerce privately.
  17. In order for Lizzy to live, she had to first die. She was reborn into a new life and awareness of who she was and that she was loved by one who only wanted to serve her instead of desiring things from her.
  18. The movie showed the distinction between the "body" and the "spirit". Lizzy's spirit was separated from her body for the majority of the story. Only David, the "spiritual" adviser (the store clerk who referred David to books on spirits), and the small daughter of Lizzy's sister were aware of her spirit. Scripture says that if we do not see things as through the eyes of a small child, we will not be aware of things of truth. [Notice that there were only these "3" that could see Lizzy's spirit... and "3" is the number of the true Church. Editor's addition]
  19. The "spiritual adviser" did not see Lizzy first hand, but he believed and had faith.
  20. The "spiritual adviser" also foresaw that David could not help Lizzy until David first overcame his own "death". This is a metaphor that David, as the Son of God, had to first die on the cross so that his death would save his church- or Lizzy.
  21. The solution for dead people of "going to the light" was in the books that David collected at the "spiritual" book store. We also have a collection of books, the Bible, that tells us that the solution is "going to the Light", the "true light which... enlightens every man" (Jn 1.9). This Light is the Messiah who said "I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life" (Jn 8.12).
  22. In the end of the movie, Lizzy was home alone, standing quietly in the hallway. Then she turned and noticed the light streaming down from the stairs that led to the rooftop. She decided to follow the light, to take the steps up the stairs to the rooftop. Then she discovered the beautiful transformation of her rooftop into a garden paradise! Isn't this a metaphor for us today, as the true church, to be still and quiet enough to notice and follow the path of light up to the Creator, in order to discover the "Garden Miracle" He has waiting for us in the very near future - the "Everlasting Sign" in the desert (Isa 55.13)?

    My intuition is that the Creator is using this movie to prepare us to wake up to our true identity AND our MISSION to believe in and PROCLAIM the reality of the "Pentecost Nation" - the daughter of Zion - His People - to this world! We will finally awaken to this mission and our true identity once we see the garden miracle in the desert appear and go there to be "in touch" with our Creator! The dream of the Kingdom of Heaven will become a reality on earth BEFORE He returns, and it will be "Just Like Heaven"!!!

    (NOTE: Insights 15-20 were added by Jack Smith on 3/10/06. Thanks Jack!)