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"Matrix Reloaded"

Jack Smith movie reviews: 5-19-03

Matrix Reloaded

As everybody most likely knows, The Matrix 2 came out this weekend. Anybody here see it yet? Two or three people. [No, no that's not passed out yet, I'll] What I have taken the liberty of doing is making a transcript of several of the conversations that took place in the new movie. [uh] This particular movie happened to have like, about a 92 to 97 million-dollar opening weekend. Which for an "R" rated movie broke all records. It did not have as big an opening as Spider-man did. But, hey that's another problem. A lot of people went to this particular movie. I think they kept most of the concepts of what was in that movie under wraps. I've seen several different write-ups by (um) movie reviewers. Some of 'em that make some sense, some of 'em that these people need to be tucked back into the Matrix with their Blue Pill. They just can't handle too much reality, they don't see it as reality. Ah, I saw several reviewers including a local Alleria reviewer who basically said that the movie was OK but it wasn't much different than #1. And (uh) although there were some things that were a little bit more of in this one you always expect more in sequels. And so he wasn't surprised, but he wasn't that impressed with it. And he tended to believe that the first hour did not have enough motion and activity and energy in it for him in terms of an exciting Hollywood movie. So, I guess what he's really saying is if there isn't enough (uh) blood, enough motion, enough "beating up", enough death, enough cars banging up that it doesn't make sense to go watch it because it's just not a feel good movie. If people are actually gonna' speak words of wisdom, that's way beyond our capability to be enjoying that. So, therefore being not enough energy in the movie there's no sense going to see the second one if you've seen the first.


So, obviously this guy has no mind to comprehend what's going on. And based on what they were telling you in Matrix 2 (Which I'll talk about in a minute) you'll see where he fits in. There was actually some other Idiot that basically suggested that The Matrix 2 was not a politically correct movie. The reason The Matrix 2 was not politically correct as far as that particular writer was concerned is very simple. They have introduced two new characters into this movie, the story, which don't have names. They're twin brothers, and they're both bad guys, and they are dressed in white and their hair is bleached white and it's basically in braids, it's like "dread-locks". And these white guys even have, like bleached white skin.


And so, this particular reviewer said that Matrix is not a politically correct movie and we should all not go see it because it, it really does something bad to albinos. And because it's making fun of Albinos, it has nothing of worth in it. He definitely needs to get a Blue Pill. There are basically, as I have said time and time again, usually in a Hollywood movie, the most evil person in the movie is going to give you the most revelation. And the most truth that's coming out in the movie. And in this particular movie, I have chosen for this evening, several conversations between characters from the people of Zion vs. characters from the Matrix.


To elaborate upon the level of thinking that the Wachowski brothers have put into this particular story. If you have seen Matrix #1, you will know that the majority of the first story, appears to be, the making of a war between the people of Zion and the enforcers of this entity called The Matrix. And it appears as though there are a group of people that have physically removed themselves from the so-called Matrix. Which was a system of control over 99% of the humans of the world and that control was exerted by [machines], computers and other machines. And that the control exerted, [by the 99] over the 99% basically kept the 99% in a controlled coma and they harvested these people in terms of their bodily energies; their heat, their chemical and all their energies. To be able to feed the energy to run the machines that control the system.


There were roughly 1% of the humans that had not taken to the computer programming in the Matrix, had rebelled, and gotten out of The Matrix. And were living in someplace called Zion, which was deep in the core of the Earth. In the first story we heard about Zion. We never saw the people of Zion other than those which existed on one of their war vessels called the Nebuchadnezzar. Which consisted of; Morpheus, of Trinity, of Tank, Dozer, and several other crew on that vessel who's job it appeared to be, to get a select person named Neo. Whose Matrix name was Thomas Anderson. Out of The Matrix because Morpheus truly believed that Neo was a form of a savior which would have the capability to (uh) destroy The Matrix, releasing the other 99% of the humans back into freedom and salvation.


So, our first story was really the extraction of Neo and a kind of an ongoing warfare which existed from this one vessel, the Nebuchadnezzar, the people of Zion, and the controllers of The Matrix. In the second story, we are privy to go back and visit Zion, a city deep in the heart of the Earth. And learn a little bit about those people that have already been removed from this, so-called Matrix. And then we have an ongoing story in which there is backup for Neo to go back into the Matrix to learn how it is that they may be able to stop or overcome the control of the machines. And break that cycle, turning everybody in The Matrix free so that once again man would have liberty, freedom and control over the machines instead of the other way around. There are three predominant discussions in this new movie between Neo, Trinity and/or Morpheus with representatives of The Matrix. The first key one is the discussion with Neo and the Oracle which is kind of a repeat of a discussion between Neo and the Oracle in the first movie. The second discussion, is a discussion in which Neo, Trinity and Morpheus meet with a controlling program of The Matrix, Merovingian, who is a French character, dressed in black, and a very dangerous program. But, one they have to deal with. And finally the third discussion, that I have chosen, is a discussion between Neo and a character who's called the Architect of the Matrix. The one who has designed the world known as The Matrix.


And why I am bringing this to our session here is very interesting, we have all gotten to the point in our study of the process of law, commerce, and our understanding that the majority of our legal problems appear to be that of understanding who has the capacity to close and settle commercial accounts. How those accounts are settled and closed in the system of this world and the world, what our role is to the people that run this world and what our role is to the creator that created and runs the world.


And how we can best go about, in our life, making choices and decisions which bring us peace, satisfaction and happiness. After all in the Constitution or in The Preamble it said that basically the purpose of a government and the purpose of people that have intelligent minds is to be able to go about their lives in freedom, making choices, for the purpose of bringing them peace and happiness in their sojourn in this world and the next. And it's not always easy to figure out where your role is that fits in and how you have liberty, freedom and the ability to do that. The movie, The Matrix has an awful lot to [deal], in dealing with how does someone that's trapped in this world i.e. the Matrix have any possibility whatsoever of extracting themselves into another world outside the Matrix. So, that that person has freedom, choice, liberty, happiness, whatever it is that they want.


And I think as we go through the three discussions here that I have chosen tonight, you are going to see that the Wachowski brothers, in this trilogy of the story of the Matrix are really giving you some major input and hints as to what the process is and what the issue is all about as you're out here seeking liberty and freedom. The Oracle is personified in the Matrix series as a woman, that in the old Greek mythology, was one that could be consulted to give you the answers to questions. And in this particular case Neo is drafted by Morpheus to consult the Oracle before Neo attempts to do anything of major importance in strategising how to overcome the influence and the control of the Matrix. And in this particular story, his visit to the Oracle, as in movie #1, doesn't come immediately at the beginning of the story it comes at approximately 40% or so into this particular story.


Now when Neo goes to see the Oracle, at this time, the people of Zion, deep in the core of the Earth, know that the machines from the Matrix are burrowing into the Earth to go down to the kingdom [of] of Zion for the purpose of destroying all of the living human soles in Zion. And we know that there are a lot of people in Zion, it's not exactly one or two, there is a quarter million or more people supposedly in Zion which is probably close to that 1% figure that they kept talking about, in the Matrix which you'll hear about. And they said that there were a quarter of a million machine probes digging their way, by machine, into the Earth to get down to the quarter million, or so, humans that were down there. The concept, I suppose, being that they would annihilate the humans but not necessarily by physical destruction so much as every one of the humans would be taken over by a machine probe. So that in essence they would be totally under the control of the Matrix, again.


Much as in the Matrix 1 you saw that when the agents interrogated, um, Thomas Anderson they put a probe also into him, which was a machine device which was going to control him. So we know that there is a war looming and in #3 (Revolution) the third movie in the trilogy. Coming up in November of this year, 2003. We're already primed for what appears to be a major war going on between the machines from the Matrix, who are putting pressure to attack the people of Zion who have already put out defensive warships and vessels to try to protect their homeland against an attack by these machines, from the Matrix. So, it appears as though a war is imminent.


There is a commander of the military defense forces, in Zion, who fully believes that if the people of Zion are going to prevail against the machines in the Matrix, their only defense will be a military defense created by the military warships and vessels and the military crews that serve on those vessels which he has gathered in a defensive mechanism surrounding Zion. There is a civilian counsel, that exists, in the city of Zion, which does supervise the military that defends Zion and also is a counsel which carries out all civilian administrative regulation of Zion and the people that live therein. So, in basically, you're looking at a democracy that was down there that was ruling over the people of Zion. The people were sometimes given the truth by the counsel and their leaders, and sometimes the truth [was] was withheld from them depending upon whether the counsel felt it was in the best interest, of the inhabitants of Zion to know the full truth or not.


There was one who fully believed that if the people of Zion and their city were going to survive the coming war between the machines in the Matrix and the people of Zion it would take something above and beyond the military strength of the people of Zion to overcome this attack and that one person who had that one belief was Morpheus. And he never waivers from that belief and that belief in his mind is that he believes fully that Neo has been a chosen person of some extraordinary capabilities and abilities and that somehow or another with whatever powers Neo has been given or will be given he will intercede, in some way, either making the eventual war between the people of Zion and the, the machines of the Matrix either unnecessary or irrelevant by [time] the proper time comes.


Morpheus has this on belief, faith and prophecy. Which he has read and knows about but he has not fully convinced very many other people or particularly those in charge of the government especially the military protecting Zion to have that same fate. Fortunately, the civilian head of the counsel does not want to put all his eggs in one basket and he's allowed Morpheus certain latitude to pursue this second line of defense no matter how logical or how probable it is believing that any possibility of protecting the people and the city of Zion is worth at least pursuing.


So, Morpheus, against the orders and the wishes of the military defensive commander has gotten permission of the head of counsel to go back with Neo, Trinity and not only his vessel, the Nebuchadnezzar. But two other vessels to intercede into the Matrix to see if there is, quote "any diplomatic possible remedies" unquote. Diplomatic, in this case meaning, is there any authority, power, or any capacity of Neo to forestall or set aside the inevitable war that appears to be coming. Interestingly enough, Neo does not share the tremendous faith that Morpheus has in him about all these activities. He's not only humble but even in spite of his humbleness, he does not seem to share the prophesy or the inevitability that he's going to be able to prevail in providing a remedy.


But, nevertheless, he's going through his motions because he's seen a lot of interesting things come up. Now, when it comes to his first meeting with the Oracle, I'm going to go through a transcript of the exchange of, of verbiage between the Oracle and Neo. You'll get [a], an idea of what's going on here. I may parody just a couple of things as we go through it. But, I'm going to show you, the relationship between Neo and the Oracle. And then the relationship between Neo and The Architect and the Neo and Merovingian who is an agent, particularly nasty one in the system, is going to start showing us our relationship between our desire to be at liberty and responsible, and the relationship we have to the public system which for all practical purposes is a personification of the Matrix in this world today.


As Neo is ushered into a courtyard to meet the Oracle he is ushered into that courtyard by her bodyguard who is a kung-fu type fighter, a man, um, looks like oriental decent. And before Neo can get there to see her, this bodyguard ends up fighting Neo in an outer chamber to where she is without Neo having a clue of what's going on. And he has to defend himself and after they are fighting for approximately a minute and a half in a serious combatant, uh, position against each other, all of a sudden the other gentleman stops, looks at Neo and says; "You are who you say you are." And Neo says, "What was that all about?" And the bodyguard says, " I had to be sure you were who you said you were." And Neo says to him "Why didn't you just ask me?" To which the bodyguard basically replied kind of in a colorable language that you could say anything at all that you wanted to try and convince me you were who you were, but, when you are in a combat relationship with someone else you can see who they are and they can't basically deceive you or lie to you." So he was approved, so the bodyguard now took him through a locked door, which he unlocked.


They went in a long hallway and Neo looks at Seraph, the bodyguard, and he says, "We are in a back entrance to the computer aren't we?" And the bodyguard basically says, "Yes." And Neo says, "Is this a path in the backdoor of the computer, set up by programmers?" And the bodyguard goes, "You are correct." he says, " We have one key to basically unlock a certain entrance and another key for a tumbler to get you through another backdoor so that we, as programmers, through the backdoor, can go wherever we want, we don't have to follow the rules and the regulations for everybody else that's in the program, from the front door." When he was ushered through one of these doors he saw the Oracle's back, sitting in an outside courtyard, feeding some birds, sitting on a bench. The Oracle says, "Well, come on, I'm not going to bite you, come around here and let me have a look at you. My goodness," she says, looking at Neo "look at you. You've turned out all right, didn't you? How do you feel? You are not sleeping; we will get to that. Why don't you come over here and have a sit." Neo looks at her and says, "Maybe I will stand." The Oracle looks back at him and says, "Suit yourself." And then in about a half minute of no conversation Neo walks over to the bench and kind of sheepishly sits down on the far end of the bench away from the Oracle.


Then he looks at the Oracle and he says, "I felt like sitting." What just went on here? Yes she did, she drafted him to come and sit down. What did Neo initially do? He dishonored her; well maybe I will stand. And she did nothing, she didn't "ball" him out, she didn't proceed, she just sat there smiling. And eventually he must have figured, well this isn't quite right, I'm dishonoring her, maybe I ought to go sit down. So, then he sat down and then he said, "I felt like sitting." What did he just do? He dishonored her again. I'm not doing it because I'm honoring you I'm doing it because I decided to sit down. For those of you here that perceive things quickly, what's going on, He can't have a transaction with her.


Well, he went there to get something from her; it's true, why can't he have a transaction with her? Who's the debtor? Neo? Does that make Neo feel good? I'll go on here because [we'll], we'll settle the real issue real quickly, see. Now, while we're thinking about this. I want you to think of yourself. I want you to think that the Oracle is the judge in your traffic case, (Bob). And you are Neo, who has been summonsed in front of the judge. And the judge just said, "How are you doing Bob? Gee, you're looking really good these days; you turned out all right didn't you? how you feel?, oh, not sleeping because of your traffic ticket, we'll get to that in a minute, why don't you just come over and stand in front of me here?"


Now think of yourself being Neo and Neo's going, well I'd rather just sit back here in the audience. But, then he went and sat down. The Oracle says, "I know, so, lets get the obvious stuff out of the way." Oh, you're meeting with the judge, what would you like to ask him? If you had that opportunity, what would you really like to be doing with the judge? Neo looks at the Oracle and he says to the Oracle "You're not human, are you?" Oracle, "It's tough to get any more obvious than that." Neo, "If I had to guess, I would say you are a program from the machine world. So is he.", referring to her bodyguard.


The Oracle, "So far, so good" Neo, "But if that is true, it can mean that you're part of the system." Aren't you Judge? You're another kind of control. The Oracle, "Keep going." Neo, "I suppose the most obvious question is," What's the most obvious question that Neo could ask? What's the most obvious question you would ask the judge? How can I trust you? Excuse me, don't we understand, that everybody that's in the system there, in control in government, are trustees aren't they? And here is Neo, whether he understands the incredible nature of his question, or not, says, [it's] the most obvious question is. How can I trust you, you stupid trustees you?


In other words Neo was told by Morpheus that he had to go see the Oracle before he could proceed. Because the Oracle was going to give him knowledge and wisdom. And here is Neo and he steps out of that door, into the courtyard. And the Oracle is really pleasant and nice. And he's got to go there, and he's gotta' talk with the Oracle. And the only thing that's going on in his mind is, What in the world am I doing here, the Oracle is part of the system, The Matrix, that's got us in control and we're fighting the Matrix to get out of control and I am going to see the Oracle. And I believe the Oracle is part of the system of control. How can I trust her? How can I understand anything she's gonna' say? Is she gonna' to lie to me? Is she gonna' get me in trouble? An' is this gonna' be a trap?


That's what's going through his mind. So, [when], when our hero, Neo comes out in the courtyard and the Oracle says come on over buddy, buddy, buddy and sit down on the seat next to me. Neo's going, Naa, I think I want [to] keep my distance, I think I don't want to sit with you, I don't wanna' close relationship with you because I believe you're the enemy. But then he finally sits down because if he's gotta' be there he doesn't want ta' make her angry. He wants to try to get all the information he can out of her. If she is the enemy, maybe I'll still learn something.


So, he doesn't put substance into the honor of the Matrix. He puts form into the honor of the Matrix in the hopes he'll deceive the Oracle into thinking he's a friend that'll give him more information then he might ordinarily get from her. So this is how our meeting starts. The Oracle appears to be in control, she appears to be friendly and happy, she is not antagonistic, she's glad that Neo is here. But, Neo has dishonored her twice, trying to recover, at least in form.


[The Oracle] He says the most obvious question is, how can I trust you? And so, she comes back then and says, um, "Bingo,.. It is a riddle, no doubt about it. The bad news is there is no way that you can really know if I am here to help you or not. So, it's really up to you, just have to make up your own damn mind to either accept what I am going to tell you or reject it." What's the Oracle saying? .. I'm not going to tell you what to do. Isn't she giving Neo total control over his relationship with his meeting with the Oracle? But, he came there presuming she's part of the system, that she's there to throw some kind of control on him. And she goes, naw, I'm not gonna' tell you whether to believe me or not, that's up to you, have at it. And she looks at her purse and she takes her hand out and says, "Candy?" Wait a minute, if you don't trust the Oracle why would you be taking candy from the Oracle and eating it? She might be feeding you poison. What's the difference between feeding you a physical food of poison or feeding you a mental diet of lies and mistrust? Neo looks at her and's trying to stay ahead of her and he said, "Do you already know if I'm going to take the candy from you?" The Oracle responds, and says, "I wouldn't be much of an Oracle if I didn't."


See, Neo is trying to extract something from her that he can use as commercial consideration in order to see if there's gonna' be any substance of truth here or what's going on. He's looking for a commercial interchange between him and the Oracle. Is there anything commercial going on between him and the Oracle? No. She says, Would you like candy? She didn't say, Do you want to purchase any candy from me. She didn't say, Have you brought me any consideration in exchange for the knowledge and wisdom you seek from me?


You see, even though the Oracle has admitted to the facts, that she's not human, she's a program, running in the system, that she's part of the system, that she's part of the control. Bingo, you've hit it, and that therefore Neo might have some form of resistance to whether or not the Oracle is gonna' be his friend and be of any value. He is looking to the Oracle to display some commercial characteristics, which he believes, are a function of the Matrix. And she's not doing that, and it's takin' him off balance. Neo comes back and says, "But if you already know whether or not I'm going to take the candy from you, how can I make a choice?" What's Neo mostly concerned about? Freedom, and what is freedom to Neo? The ability to control being able to make his own choice. Keep that in mind, because that's probably what motivates most Patriots. It's what motivates 99% of the people that are in the Matrix. The concept that they mean to be able to have control over their choice.


What is it that the Matrix i.e. The One World Government is always pushing on the people? The concept that you have the ability to make a choice. What is the whole program behind Women's Lib. (Which is really Women's destruction.) Free choice. What is the concept behind liberating Afghanistan, Iraq, half of Eastern Europe and your beloved Nation? The ability to make a free choice in a political election. Everybody that is flat in the Matrix, as you're going to see, as idiot slaves. Never see themselves as slaves because they've been told they have choice and they control choice. As you will see when we get to our discussion with Merovingian.


Choice, is an illusion, it is not reality. And so, what is it that Neo [is in] is inquiring of the Oracle? If you already know whether I'm going to take the candy or not, how can I make a choice? The Oracle says, "Because you didn't come here to make the choice, you already made it. You're only here to understand why you made the choice." The Oracle says, "I thought you would have figured that out by now, Neo." It's not about choices; it's about why you make the choices you make. That's what it's all about. If you're looking at freedom and liberty, you've gotta' ask the question why, not what. Neo says to the Oracle, "If it's about why, then why are you here?" Get the picture; is Neo still satisfied in his mind that this meeting with the Oracle is going to go well for him? No, the Oracle is part of the system, it's part of control, the Oracle is my enemy. What I want to know is why are you here, now that you brought up why, are you trying to do me in? The Oracle smiles, looks back at him and says, "The same reason as you, I love candy."


The Neo is not going to be put down, he said, "Why help us?" What's the us? The Zionists. Who are the Zionists? The ones that have broken free of the Matrix. Why are you, a program, in the Matrix, and a controller, helping us? Good question. The Oracle, "We're all here to do what we're all here to do. I'm interested in one thing, Neo, the future. And believe me, I know the only way to get there,.. is together." How do you think, the so-called group of Patriots, found out about the redemption program? Do you think, an Oracle, in the Matrix, told someone about that concept. Or, do you think some bright lunatic, seeking liberty and freedom and free choice. Just one day thunk up the concept of redemption and said yep, that's it, they've been concealing it from us for a long time. Question; Neo will bring that up in a while, Can the Matrix live without humans? No, the machines need humans. It goes much deeper than the concept of the Matrix with the slave humans vs. Zion with the free humans.


What the Oracle is telling Neo here is one of the most fundamental concepts that we have to understand. The Matrix is not opposed, necessarily, to the Zionists. The Zionists are needed by the Matrix as much as for a period of time the Matrix is needed by the Zionists. The concept that the Oracle said, Why are you helping us?, is very interesting. The answer [was] is because, the keepers of the Matrix are interested in the future and if we don't all go there together none of us are gonna' make it separate and apart. In the scripture there is a parable in the New Testament that says that the wheat and the tears are going to be growing in the same field and if you burn the tears you're going to destroy the wheat, and if you burn the wheat you're going to destroy the tears.


So, for a period of time, the issue that interests the leader if the tears and the leaders of the wheat are that, the future mandates that we get there together. And if you're trying to destroy the other side, none of us will make it there at all. "And believe me, I know the only way to get there, is together." the Oracle says. Neo, " Are there other programs like you?" Is there anyone else in the Matrix that thinks the same thing? The Oracle, "Well, not like me but, look see those birds? At some point a program was written to govern them, a program was written to watch over the trees, the wind, the sunrise, and the sunset. There are programs running all over the place. One's doing their job, doing what they were meant to do. Those programs are invisible, you never even knew they were here. But, the other ones', well, you hear about them all the time. Neo, " I've never heard of them." The Oracle, "Of course you have, every time you hear someone say, I've seen a ghost, or an Angel, every story you've ever heard about vampires, werewolves or Aliens. In the system, is assimilating some program that is doing something that they are not supposed to be doing." Aberrant programs? When it doesn't seem to fit in.


Aren't Patriots good at spreading all kinds of concepts of aberrant programs? All kinds of Aliens, all kinds of pre-meditated take-over-the-world systems, All kinds of strange people working behind the scenes to destroy things. Neo, he observes that it's programs "hacking" programs. "Why", he asks the Matrix. What is a program "hacking" another program? A virus, and what would a virus be? A warfare against the system. So what the Oracle is saying is there is an internal war going on in the Matrix. In the language of the computer programs. Programs "hacking" programs, trying to destroy other programs, carrying out business in the Matrix. Why would programs be "hacking " programs? The Oracle, " They have their reasons, but usually a program chooses exile when it faces deletion." Neo, "Why would a program be deleted?" The Oracle, "Maybe it breaks down, maybe a better program is created to replace it. It happens all the time, and when it does, a program either can chose to hide here or return to the source."


What happens to the Patriots that are fighting the government in the world system, aren't they aberrant programs that have broken down? Aren't they at war? What do they do when they break down? Go into hiding so the government can't find them, so that they won't be deleted i.e. put in prison or, assassinated, or whatever. Or return to the source, the controllers of the Matrix, jail, prison, whatever. And when it does, the program can either choose to hide here or return to the source. Neo says, " A machine mainframe!" Isn't that the source of all the programs running? See Neo ain't that stupid, he was sent to the Oracle for what reason? He said, I gotta' go there to find out what I'm supposed to do. And when he gets to the Oracle, he's trying to find out what he's supposed to do. What did the Oracle say? You already made your choice, you know what you're gonna' do, the only reason you came here is to find out why. But he keeps goin', no I haven't, I haven't made those decisions, I don't know what to do. Oracle will answer that question in a minute. The Oracle goes, "Yes, where the path of The One ends." OK, Neo is The One, where does his path end? At the mainframe, go back to the source.


You can put down the Matrix by deleting the prime programs at the source, at the mainframe. You can destroy the Matrix. Go back to the creditor. "You have seen it in your dreams, haven't you?" the Oracle says. "The door, made of light, What happens when you go through that door?" Neo, "I see Trinity, and something happens, something bad, she starts to fall and then I wake up." Oracle, "Do you see her die?" Neo, "No." Oracle, "You have the sight now Neo, you are looking at the world without time." What's time got to do with anything? Time is only relevant in the commercial world, of the Matrix. If he is seein' the world without time what has he done? He's got a position outside the Matrix, he can see it now, in terms of a position which is neutral to just being in the Matrix itself.


Neo, "Then why can't I see what happens?" Oracle, "Listen very carefully, you don't see your future? We can not see past the choices we do not understand." Why is it that you're not out of the system? You don't understand the choices, you must make, to be in a position outside the Matrix. Have you made your decisions? Absolutely, your problem is, you do not yet know why because you do not understand. And you can not see beyond those places that you do not understand. Remember it says, that until your mind can see or facilitate a concept or a thought it cannot come into the real world and be implemented. How can your mind create a thought of that of which you wish to do until you understand what your mind oughta' think? So it's a catch 22. Neo says, "Tell me what I must do." The Oracle says, "You've already made that choice." But then why am I here, I don't understand. And she's going, You can't see past the choices you [don't] sic. understand. Your first question is, Why? Until you answer the question why, you can not do what? Which has already been done.


Neo says, "Are you saying that I have to choose whether Trinity lives or dies?" The movie starts with Neo having a dream about the machines, that's interesting. See you dreams mostly are not in the real world. So he dreams about what happens basically in the world of the machines. And his dream never has a conclusion because he can't see beyond the point that he always wakes up. And he knows Trinity's in trouble and he doesn't know whether she will live or die. "So, are you saying that I have to choose whether Trinity lives or dies? So I will see in the dream, what's gonna' happen." The Oracle says, "No, you've already made your choice whether she's gonna' live and [or] sic. die. Now all you have to do is understand your choice." Neo says, "No I can't do that, I won't." The Oracle says, "You will have to." Neo says, "Why." The Oracle says, "Because you are The One."


Neo says, "What if I can't? What happens if I fail?" The Oracle says, "Then Zion will fall. Our time is up Neo, listen to me Neo. You can save Zion if you reach the source, but to do that you will need The Keymaker." Neo says, "The Keymaker?" The Oracle said, "Yes, he disappeared some time ago. We do not know what happened to him. Now he's being held prisoner by a very dangerous program, one of the oldest of us. He is called The Merovingian. He will not let him go willingly." Neo, "What does he want?" Neo is still thinking in terms of commerce, I gotta' give something to get something. Neo is still stuck, mentally, in the Matrix, even though he's been out. What does he want? The Oracle, "What do all men, with power want? More power. Be there at that exact time that I've given you and you will have a chance." Neo, "I must go." Oracle, "Seems like every time we meet, I have nothing but bad news, I'm sorry about that."


What kind of news do you get out of the public? Bad news. There's never anything good coming out of the public, they're bankrupt, they can't give you good news, it's not in em'. "I'm really sorry about that," the Oracle says, "I surely am. But, for what's it is worth you have made a believer out of me. Good luck, kiddo'." What has the Oracle just told us, about redemption? Do we work with the system or against the system? With the system. Because the concept of redemption is built into the Matrix. It is not your enemy. Now, it just gets better as the Matrix goes on. Now remember these conversations are the slow part of the movie. That's what the people that have been reviewing the movie tell you are really slowing the film down. And, it's just not that great a movie, yea there's a lot of special effects yea, there's more of, more of whatever. But, whatever's going on here it just "bogs" down and, and ah, Go see something like "X-Men it's just twice as exciting.

We now move ahead, remember basically the Oracle told Neo, If you're going to get to the mainframe, the source, you need to go find the keeper of the keys. Remember in scripture there was a "lock" put on Satan for a period of time and he was locked up. But, later on he was loosed and the keys were given, for a period of time to someone to lock him up. And then the keys were given to loose him. So, we have the key keeper in the Matrix, which is locked up secrets in the Matrix. So that mankind would not be able to see these secrets for a period of time. And now here is the Oracle, who is a program, controlling the Matrix, who tells our hero, Neo The One, you've made me a believer. And I'm telling you go get the keeper of the keys, who will be able to unlock the secrets, and give you knowledge of what's going on in the Matrix to help you out. Unless, of course, you want to believe that this is a trap and it's going to harm you, because I work for the Matrix.

So, what they need to do now is they need to find the keeper of the keys and the only way to get the keeper of the keys is to go find this dangerous program, a gentleman called Merovingian, who has a french speaking accent. And it's very interesting in this film, that they introduce a number of characters that basically are dressed in white. Do you recall any of our heroes' working for Zion that are dressed in white? >Neo's in black, Morpheus is in black, Trinity's in black, most of the crew is in black. But, here is the Oracle, in white. And we're going to be introduced to several other characters, including some twin bodyguards for Merovingian, that have white hair, braided in "dread-locks", white outfits, and bleached white skin. And they're some of the nastiest guys in this film. And then we're gonna' have Merovingian's wife, Persephone, also dressed in white. But then we're gonna' have some other characters that are on the control side of the Matrix, like Merovingian himself, also dressed in black. There are some interesting things going here, we'll probably talk about 'em in a minute. Morpheus, Trinity, and Neo arrive at a restaurant in this building, within the Matrix. And they're going specifically at the designated time.

To see this, quote "Dangerous program", unquote this man named Merovingian. This french speaking style guy. And as Morpheus, Trinity, and Neo arrive at the maitre'd's, place at the restaurant, they say, "We are here to see Merovingian." The maitre'd says, "Of course, he has been expecting you, follow me." Merovingian sees them as they're escorted to his table, and they sit down. And he says. "Ah ha, here he is at last, Neo. He is The One himself, and the legendary Morpheus, and of course, Trinity. I have heard so much about you's, you honor me, please. This is my wife Persephone. Would you people care for something to eat, possibly drink. Or, have you seen so many contrivances, as we have here. Please, for the sake of appearances, sit down and eat and drink with us. Neo goes, "No, thank you." Merovingian goes, "Yes, of course." Neo goes, "We don't have time." 'Scuse me, where is time? In the commercial Matrix, you know, this is just a little joke by our writers. We don't have time. Oh really, maybe that's why you're not in the Matrix. Neo says, We don't have time. Look at what Merovingian says, "Yes, of course, who has time? But then, if we do not ever take time how can we have time."

When you take time, isn't that a commercial presentment and transaction? Written into the contract, for performance, permitting you to charge your brother. So that you can take something from him and kill him. Because he didn't take time seriously. Merovingian goes on, "Magnificent french wine, I love ze french wine. All of the languages, french is my favorite language. Especially to curse, it is like whipping your ass with silk, I love it. You know why we are here, I am a trafficker in information, I know everything I can." Do you get the picture Merovingian is someone who's going low? I don't think so, no, he feels very self-assured about himself and his position. "You know why we are here? I am ze trafficker in information, I know everything I can. The question is, Do you know why you are here?" Morpheus, "We are looking for the Keymaker." Merovingian, "Oh yes, this is true, the Keymaker of course. But this is not a reason, this is not a why. The Keymaker himself is an answer, by his very nature to a means, and not to an end. And so to be looking for him is to be looking for a means to do, What?" Neo says, "You know the answer to that question." Merovingian, "Cie', but do you? You think you do, but you do not. You are here because you were sent here. You were told to come here and then you obeyed. It is of course, the way of all things. You see there is only one constant, one universal. It is the only reality, causality."

Causality is the only reality? "Action/reaction, cause and effect." Morpheus, "Everything begins with choice." Wait a minute, we already had that conversation with the Oracle, didn't we? What did the Oracle tell Neo about choice? .. The choice has already been made. It has nothing to do with choice. What is it about, if not choice? .. Why. So, here is Morpheus falling into the trap, everything begins with choice. Now look at, first time; maybe a mistake, second time; you're getting a reinforcement the truth. Who's gonna' give him the answer? .. The bad guy. Who gave Neo the answer? .. A program running in the Matrix, the Oracle. Merovingian says, "No. Wrong. Choice is an illusion, created [by], between those with power and those without power."

Choice is predetermined by what? Who's got the power and who hasn't. So, when Morpheus says, everything begins with choice. Choice is an effect; choice is not a cause. Remember Merovingian already said, there's only one reality, causality, cause/effect, action/reaction. He's gonna' lecture us about this, pay attention. Patriots are not looking at cause and effect they're looking to create choice. They think that if they get a choice they've got freedom. They think that their problem is, they weren't given the choice. Therefore, all they want is to be given' a choice. A choice is an effect, it is not the cause.

Merovingian goes, as an example, he goes, "Look there, look at that woman at the other table." Beautiful girl, having dinner with several people. "My god, just look at her, 'er effecting everyone around her, so obvious, so bougouis, so quiet. But, you see I have sent her a dessert." And this waiter comes over with this beautiful looking french pastry dessert. "A very special desert, I wrote it," The program for the dessert. "myself. It starts so simply, each line of the program, painting a new fate." 'Scuse me, what was the program doing? Giving her a delicious affect or deceiving her to the wishes of the writer of the program. Creating a cause/effect relationship. Is the beautiful woman eating the dessert part of the cause? Or is she merely partaking of the affect that's gonna' be created by the cause? Does she have any choice? Does she have any knowledge of the cause? Can she change the outcome?.. No. Very simple example by Merovingian. Remember, he is a very dangerous program in the Matrix.

Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity are sitting at his table, in the Matrix. He's in control, he's very quietly demonstrating his power and his capacity to them. He's demonstrating that they're in way over their head in being able to be in control. Morpheus says, Everything begins with choice. Morpheus, you made the choice to come here with Neo and Trinity, was this a mistake? Is it your doom? Can you control these circumstances? "I wrote it, ze program myself it starts so simply, each line of the program painting a new fate. Just like poetry, fast, a rush, heat, a heart flutters, you can see it now, yes, she does not understand why." She's eating this dessert but now she's having strange feelings it's like she's losing control. It's like there's something happening from this desert she's eating, that she didn't expect. He goes, "You can see it now, yes, she does not understand why, [it] is it the wine? No. What is it? What is the reason? Soon it does not matter, soon the wine, and the reason are gone. And all that matters is the feeling itself, this is the nature of ze universe. We struggle against it, we fight to keep from dying, of course we pretend to be alive. Beneath ze poised appearance, the truth is really a complete case out of control. Causality, there is no escape from it, we are forever slaves to it, our only hope, our only peace, is to understand it. To understand 'ze why. Why is that, why is what separates us, from 'zem." Who are them? The rest of the people in the Matrix, the 99%. Merovingian said, "It is what separates you from me. Why, is the only real source of power, without it, you are powerless. And 'zis is how you come to me, without 'ze why, without power, another link in the chain. But, fear not, since I have seen how good you are at following 'ze orders, I will tell you what to do next; run back and give 'ze fortune teller dis message, Her time is over. Now, I have some real business to attend to, adieu' and oravous." Neo looks at Merovingian and says, "This isn't over." 'Scuse me, what is the problem here? Isn't Neo still trying to determine the why? Didn't he go to the Oracle, and he said what am I doing here? I've gotta' find out what I'm gonna' do. And she said, 'No. You already made the choice, you've gotta' understand the why.' And he goes, 'How am I gonna' do that?' 'Well I can't help you, you'll just have to find it out.' And then she says, "But, if you're looking for whatever you're looking for, go see Merovingian, a really nasty, mean program." 'But,' [told], He was drafted, he was ordered by the Oracle to go see Merovingian.

Merovingian, who is a very old and high ranking program, in the Matrix. Basically, is telling Neo, Morpheus and Trinity that the only liberty and freedom is to know the why. And he observes that you don't know it. Therefore, you have no commercial clout or no power even out of the commercial world here. Therefore, I will just give you an order and let you do what you're ready to do, follow orders. Neo is rebelling, he's going, this isn't over. What is Neo thinking? He has no power. Actually what he's doing by saying, This isn't over. He's trying to draft Merovingian and he has no commercial energy by which to do it.

Merovingian is not concerned, at all. Merovingian is now standing at the table and he responds and he says, "Oh yes it is, 'ze Keymaker is mine and I see no reason why I should give him up, no reason at all." For instance in the commercial world of the Matrix, what consideration has Neo offered to Merovingian, for an exchange, of access to the Keymaker? Zip, he's offered nothing. And Merovingian's goin', There's nothing in it for me, I've got the why, you're here to try to get something, to change the system. You don't know the why because I know the why and have withheld the why from you. I've got the power; you haven't got the power, now get out of here.

Isn't that basically what happens when we appear before the Judge? We are there and we want to draft the Judge for a remedy but we haven't got the why. Therefore we have no understanding therefore; all of our actions are incapable of getting a remedy because we don't have the power. We want an effect out of the Matrix; we want the Judge to allow us to go home with no penalty. We want the Judge to allow us to make our own choices irregardless of the statutes of the State, the rules of the Matrix, or the funds required by the commercial structures in the Matrix. But we don't have the answer to the why. We don't have the power.

Now Merovingian is standing at his feet, and he's already said goodbye, he has something to do and Persephone, his wife, (dressed in white) sitting at the table, says, " Where are you going?" Persephone is one of the daughters of the Greek gods. That name is used all the time in Hollywood movies. My friend Nick reminds me that the Persephone was the name of a vessel that was used in one of the recent movies coming out of Hollywood. In the story of, what was the Chinese guy that was keeping the relic, and he came to America to find somebody to guard the relic for the next seventy years, It's a real recent [uh], film. (It'll come to me in a minute.) He came over to America in the Persephone. Um, she says, "Where are you going?" Her husband Merovingian says, "Please, my wife, I 'ave told you. Ve are all victims of causality, I drink too much wine, I must take a piss. Cause and effect."

So Merovingian leaves. His bodyguard moves to escort Trinity out of the chair, and Trinity looks at him and says, " Touch me, and that hand will never touch anything, again." To which, the bodyguard lets her get up out of the chair alone. Trinity, Morpheus and Neo leave, go to the elevator and they're going down. As they're going down, Neo looks at Trinity and Morpheus and says, "Well that didn't go so well." Morpheus remember, always the one following prophesy, knowing that there is a cause and effect for everything says, "Are you sure The Oracle didn't tell you anything else, Neo?" And Neo says, "Yes, I'm sure she didn't tell me anything else." Trinity says, "Are you sure we didn't do something wrong?" Neo says, "Or didn't do some thing."

Remember what we always said, it's sometimes not what you did, it's what you didn't do that effects the outcome. Morpheus said then to them, "No, what happened, happened and couldn't have happened in any other way." What's this indicating? Everything you did is meant to be and done for a reason. Neo says, "How [do we know or] how do you know?" Morpheus says, "We're still alive." Understand this, they went into the heart of the Matrix with the most dangerous program and the most dangerous bodyguards there. They asked for the most secret things of the Matrix, that would really destroy the Matrix. And the enemy just said, "Go ahead and leave."

Don't we always worry when we go see the Judge in court, when we all go to the IRS conference and we're all going, "God I wonder if I'm going to get out of there alive." See what's extremely interesting is, [an] an what you're going to see here in a minute with our third discussion, is that, you don't realize it but you and the Matrix are linked. And that they are not necessarily the enemy that you perceive them to be. And even though you have these mental anguish, or foreboding of these meetings and these events. They're all meant to happen, the facts are all predetermined. It's not the occurrences and the facts it's the path of your understanding the why that's it's all about, not the what.

And so as the elevator proceeds on down it opens on another floor and outside the elevator is Persephone, the wife of Merovingian. And she looks at Neo, Trinity and Morpheus and says, "You want to find the keeper of the keys? Follow me." And they follow her out of the elevator. So the meeting was meant to occur and the meeting with the person, or the party that they thought was gonna give 'em the answer was filled with much truth. However, the real purpose of the meeting wasn't to get the correct answer or the remedy out of Merovingian, it was to get it out of his wife. Which was a collateral issue as a result of their meeting with Merovingian.

Finally tonight we're going to go to the most incredible conversation, in the Matrix 2, that takes place in the movie. And this takes place after the Keymaker has gotten them into the building which houses the mainframe and the source for the Matrix. Through the hall, through the secret doors, and the secret locks, which puts Neo in front of the door to the mainframe. So that he can go in and shut down the computer programs that are running the Matrix. And as Neo puts the key into the lock, and the door dissolves into a brilliant white light, and absorbs Neo, and brings him into the room. He sees a gentleman sitting in that room who looks up at Neo and says, "Hello Neo." And Neo looks at him and says, "Who are you?" And the man answers, "I am the Architect, I created the Matrix. I've been waiting for you. You have many questions. And though the process has altered your consciousness, you remain irrevocably human. Ergo, some of my answers you will understand and some you will not. Accordingly, while your first question may be the most pertinent, It is also the most irrelevant."

Neo responds. Neo has been learning, what is Neo's first question? Remember he kept going everywhere finding out what. Now he says to the Architect, "Why am I here?" Good job Neo, you're improving. The Architect, you gotta love the Architect. If people want these transcripts, I will get them for you. If you go watch the movie, you will never, ever remember these responses, watching this movie three or four times. Because the Architect is like a PH, PH, PHD of "something" at a college which speaks in a strange language of multifaceted, multi-syllable words, high up in the dictionary to say very simple things, in such a way that it's meant to confuse you. So in answer to Neo's question "Why am I here?", he says the following, .. "Your life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation inherent in the programming of the Matrix. You are the eventuality of an anomaly, which in spite of my sincerest efforts, I have been unable to eliminate from what is otherwise, a harmony of mathematical precision. While it remains a burden, insidiously avoided, it is not unexpected, and thus, not beyond a measure of control, which has lead you, inexorability here." Got that so far? Neo says, "You have not answered my question." To which, the Architect says, "Quite right, interesting, that was quicker than the others."

What did the Architect just do? Not answered his question to begin with. But, it appeared in all his high syllabable words, that he was saying an awful lot. Lets go back, "Your life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation inherent in the programming of the Matrix." Who is Neo? Someone programmed in the Matrix. Wait a minute, I thought Neo was free of the Matrix, wasn't he. How could he be the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation, inherent in the programming of the Matrix, if he's free of the Matrix? He goes on, he says, "You are the eventuality of an anomaly, which in spite of my sincerest efforts, I have been unable to eliminate from what is otherwise a harmony of mathematical precision." This is the guy that programmed the Matrix, he tried to do a perfect program, and he's saying, 'You Neo, have screwed up my perfect world.' But then he goes on and says, 'While you've screwed it up, [you, it] while it remains a burden, insidiously avoided, it is not unexpected.' 'Oh, I tried to program a perfect world. But it's not unexpected, and this not beyond a measure of control.'

What was it that Neo was trying to do, as were all the people of Zion? Get a measure of self-control. What is the Architect of the Matrix telling Neo? 'You're just a stupid program in the Matrix and you appear to not be in control. However, you are in a measure of control, which has lead you inexorably here. You're still in some form of control. Which is WHY YOU'RE HERE!' What question did he ask the Architect? "Why are YOU here?" 'Because you're still in control and so is everyone else in Zion.' All you Patriots who have gone ahead and done you're UCC-1's, do you believe you are totally in control, outside the Matrix? Well I got good news and bad news; you are still in a form of some control, not unexpected. 'Why Neo are you here? Because you still sense there is a form of control, of the Matrix, over you.

Now I answered your question, but you came back and said you have not answered my question.' And so, look what the Architect does. Is he going to argue with Neo? He says, "Quite right, interesting, that was quicker than the others." Neo immediately picks up on the change in topic and says, "Others? How many?" The Architect, "The Matrix is older than you know. I prefer counting from the emergence of one integral anomaly to the emergence of the next, in which case, this is the sixth version." What did the Architect just say? He just said, there have been five rebellions, by Patriots before. Five leaders of five rebellions, having come to the mainframe of the Matrix for the purpose of shutting us down and giving you your freedom. 'I won't measure the existence of this world in years. I prefer to measure it in terms of the number of the rebellion and you are the sixth person to arrive, the sixth rebellion.' Is the Architect telling us something?

Neo goes, "Two possible explanations. Why has no one told me, or no one knows, about the rebellions." Architect, "Precisely. As you are undoubtedly gathering, the anomaly is systemic creating fluctuations in even the most simplistic equations." Don't you love how college Props and Greek trained people speak, in high-falutin terms in order to tend to confuse us. When he's telling you the anomaly is systemic, what is he telling you? What's built in the Matrix? [The] The people of Zion, the rebels, are built into the program of the Matrix. You guys are still part of the system, it's systemic.

What did the Oracle tell Neo was her interest? Why was she there? The future. How are we going to get to the future? Together. Why do the Patriots and the One World Government have to work together? Because they're inexorably linked, you can't have one without the other, if they destroy the Patriots they destroy themselves. If you destroy the Government you destroy yourself. You still think that the movie The Matrix is just so much "hopped-up" garbage with a little bit of kung fu, with some fancy special photographic effects going on here? You go back into the Old Testament where there is a dream, in Daniel, about the beasts. And there's a dream of four beasts and a dream of six beasts and the six beasts or the four beasts are nations i.e. they're Matrixes. And in the six beast metaphor, you had the nations, or the Matrixes, that were, are, and will be.

You had Egypt, you had Assyria, you had Babylonians, you had the Meads and Persians, you had the Greeks, and the sixth one was the Roman system, which is still with us. And the seventh was to be the stone kingdom with the Messiah as the chief cornerstone. You have the Architect of the world system saying that there have been five rebellions, and now a sixth rebellion, bringing in the seventh kingdom. Which Morpheus tells us is going to be a kingdom which is not going to fight a war. This kingdom is going to see peace. Is it going to be the stone kingdom?

Is the Wachowski brothers telling us, through the mouth of the Architect, that there have been rebels that have thrown off the world's past six systems of international Matrixes that have enslaved and kept the people in bondage. And that they never succeeded, all they did was restart a New World system, nothing changed. Is this what the Architect is telling Neo? Is this in harmony with what the scripture has been telling the people of Zion? 'The Matrix is older than you knew. No, I prefer counting from the emergence of one integral anomaly to the emergence of the next. In which case, this is the sixth version,' sixth international one world government. 'Two possible explanations; man has never looked at history and therefore he's destined to repeat it again.'

The Architect goes, "Precisely, [you are undoubtedly] as you are undoubtedly gathering, the anomaly is systemic creating fluctuations in even the most simplistic equations." Neo, "Choice. The problem is, choice." He's right back on that old concept again, isn't it? The Architect, "The first Matrix I designed, was quite naturally, perfect." Garden of Eden? "It was a work of art, flawless, sublime, in triumph equaled only by it's monumental failure. The inevitability of it's doom is apparent to me now as a consequence of it's imperfection inherent in every human being." Fundamental sin? [The desire is in], My comment the desire to be in control of one's life for gain or commerce, instead of for service. What happened when the Serpent drafted Eve? Did the Serpent want something of commercial value? You bet, he wanted to acquire something that belonged to the Creator, which he did not have a right. How was he going to acquire something of commercial value? Through the agency of the Creators' creation.

What he did to Eve was to solicit a commercial consideration. Creating a world of commerce, in the Garden of Eden, which was fabricated and created for the purpose of service, and not commercial sale of something that did not belong to the seller. And so, by one-man commerce entered into the world and all destruction as a result of commerce, because all commerce is theft. And they tell you commerce is based on weights and measures. Why would you need to weigh anything, why would you need to measure anything, if you were going to serve your fellow man? The only purpose for weights and measures is for theft.

So they convince you that by accurate weights and measures there will be no theft. You have got caught in the act in the why which was already decided. The act or the thing. You did not ask the why do you need to measure or weigh it. And so what you see, is the first creation, was imperfect because of the nature of man to go into commerce, to get something, to own something, to take it away from his brother, so that you could live and he will die. And so the Architect said, "And so I redesigned my system, based on your history, to more accurately reflect the very and grotesqueries of your nature.

However, I was again frustrated by failure. I have since come to understand that the answer eluded me because it required a lesser mind. Or, perhaps a mind less bound by the parameters of perfection." Lets put in the negative averment if we're 'gonna to be intelligent. What kind of mind would that be? A mind that does not assume good in men but rather assumes evil. Is that not what all commerce is about, the assumption of evil? "Then the answer was stumbled on by another. An intuitive program, initially created to investigate certain aspects of the human psyche'. If I am the father of the Matrix, she would undoubtedly be it's mother." Neo, "The Oracle? Is the mother of the Matrix, a running program." The Architect, "Please, as I would say, she stumbled upon a solution.

Whereby nearly 99% of all subjects, accepted the program, as long as they were given a choice." What did Neo keep wanting? A choice, 'Just give me a choice, that's what freedom's all about, a choice.' You idiot! Listen to what the Architect says now, "Even if they were only aware of the choice at an unconscious level." I.e. if they are given an opportunity, to presume, that they can vote for the outcome, will they be sufficiently happy to presume that they are free? Absolutely, Isn't that what the war in Iraq is all about, to give them the pretense of an election, to have a democratic government. Hello!, What change of choice is that going to make for the common Iraqi. Zero, But he will be happy, 99% of them will be thrilled.

The Architect goes on, "While this answer functioned, it was obviously fundamentally flawed thus creating the otherwise [contradis] contradictory systemic anomaly that if left unchecked might threaten the system itself. Ergo, those that refuse the program, while a minority, if unchecked, would constitute an escalating probability of disaster." What has he just said? .. We've even given the people the presumption of a choice, even if they're happy to slumber in the Matrix. We've told them, that under certain conditions, they can do really crazy, erratic, stupid, things. They can learn about the people of Zion, and leave the Matrix. Hello, you've got choice, you've got freedom, escape the Matrix and fight for your liberties. That's an anomaly, it's a systemic failure, (it appears) creating the possibility that the 1% that are in (supposed) rebellion against the programming of the Matrix, and the system, could create an uprising that in and of itself, would destroy the Matrix.

Thus bringing the whole program to doom by creating the illusion of the liberty of your choice. But not to worry, we've got it covered. Neo says, "This is about Zion." Nobody ever said Neo was stupid, he grasps concepts really quick. The Architect, "You are here because Zion is about to be destroyed. Its' every living inhabitant terminated, it's entire existence eradicated." What are the machines gonna do then? If they're gonna eradicate everybody in Zion, what are they gonna do? Are they without humans? No, they got 99% of the humans tied up in the Matrix; they're not without humans. They got what they need, Don't they? No, yes and no. Follow where he goes here. Neo goes, "Bullshit!"

The Architect comes back and goes, "Denial, is the most predictable of all human responses. But, rest assured, this will be the sixth time we have destroyed it, and we have become exceedingly efficient at it." Who are the people of Zion? Now for those of you that haven't seen the movie, you're gonna have to make some assumptions and presumptions here, having not seen the people of Zion. You may be amazed to hear, and all you "Christians" wanna shut your ears.

But, in the first half-hour of this story, the inhabitants of Zion are having a public meeting, in their city deep under the Earth, and they're having a public orgy. Which, by the review of some of the movie reviewers that were privy to the filming of the orgy scene in Los Angeles, at the beginning of the filming of these two successive stories of the Matrix, (Reloaded and Revolution). Made the statement that, at the orgy that they filmed, there were probably a lot of marriages that were going to result from this scene, and this filming episode. Now what's on the camera, remember this is an "R' rated picture, but what's on the camera really, for "R" rated, is really the reason the movie got "R" rated is because if you kick anyone to the head it's an automatically "R" rated picture. And since many people, many times, beyond count, are kicked to the head, this is an "R" rated film.

Anything else you see in this film and any language in this film, is believe me, including the orgy scene, much less than most "PG" films, not even "PG-13" films, coming out of Hollywood. For those that have seen the film, would you agree? Absolutely. However, knowing that the inhabitants of Zion were involved in a public orgy, if I had to ask you who do you to presume and assume the people of Zion to represent, in this story, how would you now answer me? Do you want to tell me that the people of Zion [re] represent the overcomers of God's kingdom that have come out of the Matrix of this world. Not hardly. And in fact, the main issue with the people of the Matrix is not, the danger that they really pose to the Matrix at all. It's just that, when you are involved in the programming of this Matrix being systemic it requires, every now and then, just for the purpose of the system, that we take out the old Matrix and restart it again. And nothing is going to change. It's just part of the system programming, that's all. Well, it's a reboot, yea, restart, OK. And remember they had become exceedingly efficient at it.

The Architect comes back and says, "The function of the One," Who is the One? Neo, and he's standing there, in the room, in front of the Architect, at the mainframe, for the purpose of shutting down the Matrix. So that the people of Zion will be able to make their choice. 'Scuse me, what kind of choices, do the people of Zion seem to be making, Really good ones? No.

Let me ask you a question, if being able to leave the Matrix, so you can make choice, is going to bring peace in your life, why are all the people of Zion fighting a war against the Matrix? I thought war was the opposite of peace. [If they're making war against the Ma'] Isn't that what the Patriots are doing? Making war against the government. So who are the Patriots? People of Zion. What is the system gonna to do with 'em? Kill 'em, take 'em out. What are we doing against all of the rebels of the Islam? Takin' 'em out. What are we doing about all of the IRS rebels in this country? Takin' 'em out. We gotta reboot, it's time to reboot, it's a new millennium, we gotta reboot. If you think the Patriots are the cure, they're just part of the system. They're no different than everybody stuck in the Matrix. They're still at war, they're still fighting, they believe they have more choice. What is their choice? To fight and make war and to get killed, civilly or physically. They're going to be energy for the Matrix.

Hello, What is the Matrix movie telling those with eyes to see and ears to hear? Here's our buddy going, "The function of the One is now to return to the source, allowing the temporary dissemination of the code you carry, reinserting the prime program." What is the Architect sayin'? 'You're here to help us reboot again.' Listen to this, 'After which, all the people in Zion are gonna be destroyed, our machines are almost there, their gonna wipe 'em all out. Their superior force going in there and we're exceedingly efficient at destroying the rebels, whenever we need to.' OK, so the Matrix is gonna be a world without rebels.

Wrong, listen to this, this is the Architect, "After which, we use you," Because after all hasn't Neo now got the genes of the best rebels we've got. 'And we're rebooting the system for better programming. This is Windows XP, 'man' much better than Windows ME. We need better rebels and better agents. So we're gonna use your genes to help reboot the system, to give us more competition. What does more competition do, in commerce? Create more profits and better products. So we're just improving the Matrix, this is version 6.0. After which you will be required to select from the Matrix, (not from Zion, they're dead) from the Matrix. Sixteen females and seven males to rebuild, What? Zion! They can't live without Zion. We just need better competition from 'em, the latest version. The idiots down there won't compete anymore. What is twenty-three in numbers? We're gonna restart with twenty-three humans. Twenty-three is death. They're gonna build a population of Zion built on what? Life or death. .. Death. Because if you rebuilt Zion on life, it would be able to overtake the Matrix, which is built on death.

Of those twenty-three, sixteen will be female. Sixteen is, love. We love you guys, we're gonna help you recreate your Zion. But sixteen is four squared, four is things of the world. We'll help you rebuild your real world, out of death. If you build on a foundation of death, how you gonna create life? Seven males, seven is masculine perfection and completion. How can this be completion when your world is created from ours, which is founded in death? "Failure to comply with the process will result in a cataclysmic system crash. Killing everyone connected to the Matrix, which coupled with the extermination of Zion, will ultimately result in the extinction of the [higher] entire human race." You gotta help us, you have no other choice. Isn't that what the Architects telling him? There's no other choice.

Remember what the Oracle said, 'The future is, we go together.' 'Now Neo you came here to destroy the Matrix. But you're too late, if you destroy the Matrix you will destroy 99% of the humans that are trapped in the Matrix. How you gonna save them? You shut the Matrix down, how you gonna save the 99%, they'll die. But in the meantime, our machines will have killed everyone in Zion. You will have exterminated all the humans. The only thing you can do, which is logical, is work with us.'

If this was a Hollywood movie, wouldn't that be the time to stop this movie and wait for the exciting conclusion? But the movie goes a little farther yet before it reaches that position, at the end of Matrix 2. Neo says, "You will not let that happen. You can't, you need human beings to survive." The Architect, "There are levels of survival, we (the machines) are prepared to accept. However, the relevant issue here is whether or not you are ready to accept responsibility for the death of every human being in this world." Isn't it nice being the leader, you get to make these really, really, really important decisions. The life and death of the whole world is on your back, Neo. That's why you've been chosen to be The One. Neo's just standing there, looking at him, puzzling. Is he telling me the truth? What's wrong? What do I do here? The Architect goes, "Tis interesting in reading your body language, your reactions. Your five predecessors, were by design, based on a similar predication, a contingent affirmation, that was meant to create a profound attachment to the rest of your species facilitating the function of The One." Bob, what did he just say? .. (huh?) .. The other five did go ahead, what persuaded them? They were put in a very precarious predicament. He says here, lets read it very carefully, "Your five predecessors, were by design." Design? "The Matrix created a condition to which their emotional reaction, would elicit a predetermined action on their part to help us." That's what he's sayin'

Listen to it again. "Your five predecessors were by design," Program of the Matrix. "Based on a similar predication," Oh, We're gonna throw the quilt of the world on you unless you decide to go along with us. It'll be on your shoulders that all of the humans die. "A contingent affirmation," We need you to agree with us. "That was meant to create a profound attachment," You emotionally have to be attached to the problem that's been created by the programming of the machine, so you'll go along with what we want you to do. How are you making a free choice? You came here to shut down the system to make a free choice, that's your liberty, and you're not gonna make a free choice because we've put you in an emotional condition that you gotta choose between everybody dying. Which is A choice. Or everybody living, still having the system controlling you, which is not the choice you want to have to make. Now make your choice. Now what happens is the Architect goes on and he observes the following. Let me ask you a question. Is the Architect perfect? No. How do we know the Architect isn't perfect? He's admitted it time and time again, that as far as the system is concerned, he wasn't at all time sure he knew what he was doing. Does that mean, that whatever the Architect is saying now is for a surety, to be true? Judging on his past performance, he's only trying to use a poker hand to get Neo to do what he hopes he's going to do. Or else the Architect himself, is going beyond the frontier of the Architects full understanding of what's happening here. Isn't this an incredible story?

Who in the heck are the Wachowski brothers and how in the hell are they puttin' this thing together. I mean this is really a little bit more interesting than the review that says it's not politically correct because the Wachowski brothers obviously "have it in" for the people that are "putting down" albinos. Hello!! I think we're a little bit [befar] far beyond just [ah] destroying the reputation of albinos here. And I think we're a little bit beyond seein' if we can pack non-stop special action in from the first minute to the last of the hundred an thirty-six minutes. Being the criteria for the message we're trying to get across here. So our Architect is here and he observes the following, "While the other five predecessors experienced this," This programming, this coercion. "In a very general way. Your experience, Neo, is far more specific, vis-a-vie, love." Wait a minute, what is the prime directive, for the real world. Love, .. The creator. Love, .. All of his creation including everyone around you, your friends, your relatives, your enemies, whoever it is, love.

What is love based on, commerce, or service? Service. Has nothing to do with commerce. Ever since the Garden of Eden, the premise of love has been turned into the premise of commerce. And the six previous Matrixes were operated on the premise of commerce. Every one of the rebels that made it to the mainframe control, were rebelling against the Matrix, to give the people of Zion, one capacity. What was that one capacity? To control their own commerce, maximize their own profits and gains, keep the commerce in their own control. What did the Patriots trying to do, destroy the federal reserve? You bet. Why do the Patriots not like the Federal Reserve? It controls their money. What do the Patriots want? Gold and silver, so we control our own commerce. What's so much different about cheating your brother with your own gold than cheating your brother with the Federal Reserve's paper? You're still motivated on commerce, theft, on nothing but weights and measures. You still fail to serve, you will not serve unless you charge your brother and kill him. Just like our friend Cain killed his brother to pay his debts.

And so what the Architect is observing here is, "We've facilitated the response from the previous five, in a general way. But we're observing, that you, have a much far different, more specific result vis-a-vie, love." Neo says, "Trinity!" What was his conversation with the Oracle? The Oracle said, "Have you ever seen The Source in your dreams?" And what did Neo say? "Yes, the white light, and the room."

"What happens when you enter into the white room?"

"Something happens [to Ne' (er)] to Trinity and she starts falling, and it's bad."

"Does Trinity die?"

"I don't know, I wake up."

"Neo, you now have the vision, you are no longer seeing things from the Matrix."

"Are you telling me I have to make a choice as to whether or not Trinity's gonna live or die."

"No, the choice has already been made."

"(There's) only one question, you have to understand, why." Now what has the Architect told him? "We put you here so that you would do our bidding, and we put you in a programmed predicament. And you will have to do what we want you to do. And we're going to use the only weapon that we know we can use against you. We've put the system program into putting Trinity in danger, in the Matrix." Her life is on the line. That's how we're going to get your response. When Neo says, "Trinity?" The Architect says, "Apropo'." 'You're right with me, you're one smart dude, you know exactly what it is that we're doing.'

Let me ask you a question. Who is in control? The Matrix. This was programmed, this was gonna happen. Neo is not in control, Morpheus is not in control, Trinity is not in control. The rebels and the Patriots that have seen the problems, in the Matrix, and come out of the Matrix, and are living in Zion, and they believe they have a sense of control. Are not in control. Because the world of Zion and the world of the Matrix, are irrevocably intertwined, like a double helix. Like the DNA of the world and the society, and you can not break 'em apart. "Apropo',"

The Architect says, "She entered the Matrix to save your life, at the cost of her own." Neo, earlier, had gotten Trinity to promise she would not, under any circumstance, go back into the Matrix. To which she said she would not. But, because of problems, that were unforeseen. Morpheus, Keymaker and Neo's life were to be destroyed because of a glitch, that was not taken care of, that they presumed was. So Neo gave up the presumption of her safety to go into the Matrix, taking the risk, knowing that if she didn't go into the Matrix, in spite of her promise and risk, that Neo, Morpheus, and the Keymaker would be destroyed. So she gave up her life to save theirs. Neo goes, "NO!" The Architect said, "Which brings me, at last, to the moment of truth, where the fundamental flaw is ultimately expressed." What is the fundamental flaw? We've gotta create antagonists in order to keep the system in tact. The 1%, rebels, have to be created in order to keep it in tact, even though it appears as though their gonna overthrow us. And the anomaly revealed is both beginning and end. The 1% that believe they're not in control, are actually in control.

The Architect says, "There are two doors. The door to your right, leads to The Source and the salvation of Zion." Which door is that? The one that would shut down the Matrix, the dream of everybody living in Zion. So, the door of your salvation is on your right. "The door to your left, leads back to the Matrix. To her, (Trinity) and to the end of your species." Why to the end of your species? Because if you go back into the Matrix, and don't shut it down, now. The Machines will destroy Zion. The reason you came here to stop this. "It leads back to the Matrix, to Trinity and to the end of your species. As you adequately put, the problem, is choice, Neo." I'm giving you a choice, that's what you want, that's what you get, a choice. Shut down the Matrix, Trinity dies, the people of Zion live, the machines are gone. Or take the left door, go back into the Matrix, and try to save Trinity, the choice is yours. Let me ask you a question, What does the right door and what does the Left door represent? Private, which door is the private? (The what?) The right door is the private; the left door is the private? First of all we've got ta' ask ourself, who is the holder? Because whoever the holder is, is the prime party to which it's his right and his left. Whoever the non-holder is, it's irrelevant and immaterial. Who is the holder in this matter?

(How many say it's Neo, raise your hand. How many say it's the Architect, raise your hand. I think most people are sleeping in this room let me, let me state that there was a couple of faint 'we vote for Neo's' and most everybody raised their Architect hands. What is the real answer? .. What did Caleb say? ([other] "Architect.") Has anybody, in this room, ever known Caleb to be mostly right, at all, in his life? Caleb, is once again, proving that the Matrix is infallible.)

Neo is The One, he makes the choice, he has the energy, he is the creditor. Neo's right hand door is what? His private or public door. .. His private door. He can solve his problem, with the public Matrix, by going through the private door and shutting it down. He is the only one given the power to shut the Matrix down. The left door, is the public door, back into the Matrix, which is not the real world. This will make perfect sense to you in a minute.

"There are two doors Neo, the door to your right, leads to the source of the salvation of Zion. The door to your left, the public world, leads back to Matrix, to her, to the end of your species. As you adequately put, the problem is choice. But we already know what you are going to do, Don't we?" What do we know he's going to do? Which door is he going through? He's going through the left door, back into the Matrix. I am now really upset, because that's the door that Caleb has chosen. He's reversing his 100% wrong stand, which means, we can't rely on him any more.

The Architect goes on and says, "Already, I can see the chain of reaction, the chemical precursors that signal the onset of an emotion, designed specifically, to overwhelm logic and reason." Logic and reason would be on the private side, right? Emotion would be on the public side, right? And already our Architect is going, 'I can see you're gonna go back into the Matrix.' Which is kinda good for the Architect, ain't it, because that's what he's assuming and presuming. It will be bad for Zion; they will be "creamed". But they will still have the Matrix going with 99% of the slaves. They'll choose twenty-three and restart Zion.

The Architect goes on, "It's an emotion, that is already blinding you from the simple and obvious truth, she is going to die. And there is nothing you can do to stop it. Hope, it is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength and your greatest weakness." Neo says, to the Architect, "If I live, you should hope, that we will not meet again." Negative averment. The Architect, "We won't." Neo leaves by the left door. Remember what we've said time and time again? That a remedy, in the private, without a corresponding remedy to witness it in the public, is not a closed remedy at all. Neo was forced to leave, by the public door to resolve that problem first by resolving the public issue. So that he could also, hopefully, later resolve the private issue and close the deal.

The people of Zion are not separate and distinct from the Matrix. We are all linked, inexorably together; our remedy comes together, as the Matrix Reloaded so carefully and cleverly tells us. 'The future is only as good as both sides going together in harmony and peace, without war.' Because if you're stuck, as the people of Zion making war against the Matrix, you will be destroyed. You are not part of the remedy you will not provide the solution. The solution was not, at this time, for Neo to go through the right door, go to war against the Matrix and shut it down. He went to peace to save Trinity, if he could, so that the overcomers could create the destruction of the Matrix, by love, by service, instead of; by commercial consideration of warfare to destroy the Matrix by war, it's an oxymoron. Neo chose wisely. Neo's motivation, for choosing the left door, was different than the motivation of the five previous parties attempting to close down the Matrix.

As Morpheus so adequately proposes in the Matrix Reloaded, when he talks to the commander of the military, defending Zion. 'You will need more than all of your battleships and all of your military to prevent [the] the machines from destroying the people of Zion.' That the battle will be won, not by the military, but through the prophecy concerning Neo, through the application of the non-commercial consideration, I.E. love, not conquest. It's an incredible film, I have given you the why, I have not told you the what.

You can now go see the movie and enjoy the good feelings of the Hollywood film. Because that's what 99% of us want out of the movie is to feel good. Anyway, we don't want to have to take the time to ask what the cause/effect relationship is that's going on. We don't want to have to waste our time in the theater, watching the Matrix Reloaded, by trying to comprehend the why. So now you can go there and just relax.

As transcribed by: Majic

 Editor's Note: The saints need to come out of the accounting/charging system of commerce, and into the forgiving/serving system of cooperation and love. The saints now can and MUST return to the "Garden" (Isa 51.3; 52.8-12)!