The Missing Dimension in World History
The Timeline in Leviticus 23

Are we missing something as we look back on the panorama of world history? Is there a timeline, which, if we overlay the events of the last 2,000 years, that would reveal an astounding pattern, and also project amazing events that are about to occur on this earth?

Perhaps you remember seeing the movie named "Contact". As I recall, it was about a scientific research project searching the heavens for signals of extraterrestrial life.

During the course of events in the movie, they end up finding some coded writings that appear to be instructions on building some sort of space vehicle. No one could understand the writings, UNTIL they realized that the instructions were three-dimensional.

This appears to be a message for us today. Most of the world today cannot understand the coded writings of the annual holydays of Leviticus 23. However, just like in the movie "Contact", we cannot SEE their significance UNTIL we wrap these holydays around in an octagonal shape, like the "Stop Sign" figure located on the home page of this website, and then also add another dimension - a spiritual dimension that can only come from the indwelling presence of the "Holy Spirit", an essence coming from a begettal by the Creator of the Universe, whom the Messiah revealed as "The Father".

But, just as in the movie "Contact", even after they succeeded in constructing the space vehicle, and launching it, when they did not believe the message that was given to the one lady passenger, who apparently had a time-travel experience, that there is life in outer space, neither will most of us believe in "supernatural" messages. Only one other person believed the lady - a minister, who, when asked by reporters if he believed her story, said: "I for one, believe her!". This incident also appears to be a message for us today. Even if there is physical evidence of a tremendous supernatural "miracle" happening (in the movie, there was a 20-minute gap on the headset recorder the lady was wearing, even though the trip on earth apparently only took a few seconds), most people will not accept it because of an unwillingness to believe that there is life in outer space - at least not a life so powerful and so intelligent that it could, in fact, be the Creator of the entire Universe!

For those who are willing to believe, these seven annual holydays of Leviticus 23 comprise a message to us that there is a Universe-making Creator. These holydays are His Will, His PLAN, for mankind, revealing the milestone events in world history that change the course of history as each holyday progressively shows the reality of a Life in outer space who is controlling the timeline that is unfolding His plan for mankind.

The first holyday, Passover, when it was fulfilled 2,000 years ago with the death and resurrection of "The Messiah", revealed that there is life in outer space, a Divine Family, composed currently of a Father and a Son. This holyday began a period of about 2,000 years covering the eras of the seven churches of Revelation 2 and 3.

The second holyday, the Last Day of Unleavened Bread, is fullfilled when the Creator miraculously transforms a desert wilderness into an oasis, and thereby proving that the holydays are THE PLAN, the schematic, that the Creator is following for mankind's "transformation". This event proves that there truly is a "Creator", since there could be no other explanation for this miraculous transformation - the "everlasting sign" prophesied in Isaiah 55.13 (see footnote F768 -- "the transformation of the desert"). This event is about to occur on earth... most likely in the desert region of southwestern USA. It also signals the end of the seven church eras, the miraculous deliverance and calling of another special group of people worldwide (Isaiah 55.5), and the place where they are to gather.

The third holyday, the Feast of Firstfruits/Pentecost, is fulfilled by a worldwide gathering together of those who are willing to believe the message of the holydays, and results in the "Pentecost Nation" - the first "Spring" harvest of mankind into becoming members of the Divine Family. This first harvest of mankind, living in wondrous health and prosperity and peace, will serve as a type of a later more extensive "Fall" harvest to occur after the Messiah returns to rule the entire world personally from Jerusalem.

The fourth holyday, the Feast of Trumpets, is fulfilled when the Messiah "trumpets" His intervention in world history in the only way remaining mankind will understand - by FORCE. He comes to destroy those who are destroying the earth through usury, war, commerce, pollution and genetic engineering (terminator seeds!).

The fifth holyday, the Day of Atonement, is fulfilled when mankind as a whole, after a tremendous battle against Jerusalem, finally acknowledges that the person ruling the world from Jerusalem is the Messiah, and is willing to accept His way of life and laws.

The sixth holyday, the Feast of Tabernacles, is fulfilled when mankind finally is living in a world of love, service and cooperation. It is a tremendously healthy and prosperous period lasting 1,000 years. Many people are added to the Divine Family during this time known as the "Fall" harvest of the Creator's plan.

The seventh holyday, the Last Great Day, is fulfilled when the Creator resurrects everyone who ever lived and never had an opportunity to know the truth about the Creator's PLAN, to a second physical life. This period of life will last about 100 years, during which will be added billions of mankind to the Divine Family. After this period, the entire physical universe will be destroyed and be replaced with a new heaven and new earth composed of spirit.

This is the Missing Dimension of World History - the timeline of the seven earth-changing events of Leviticus 23 that the Creator has planned for the transformation of mankind into spirit beings as members of His own Divine Family, living happily ever after in a Universe of love, respect, sharing, creativity and cooperation.