"Mr & Mrs Smith"
A Parable for the 'Pentecost Nation'!

This appears to be a message to those who are being called by the Spirit of Truth to change from the way of commerce/competition to the way of love/cooperation.

Here are some of the important points made in this movie:

  1. most people are in a rut... living a life of lies and illusion
  2. in a real sense, we are all "assassins" because we participate in a system that is based on "killing" the competition... so we are all "charging" [killing] our brothers by being involved in COMMERCE
  3. once the truth of our real identity comes out, it is a threat to the system
  4. people joining together in love and cooperation is "bad for business"... bad for a system based on commerce/competition because they cannot control them
  5. people who join together in love are DEAD to commerce (cannot live in both systems!)
  6. people who "decide to leave the reservation" cannot go back (just like with the Garden of Eden... the angel prevented commerce from infecting the way of love, and vice-versa)
  7. corporate agencies cannot allow people who know the truth and cooperate to survive
  8. the comment about their two agencies being like "Gimbels and Macys" is another clue that that movie is about "commerce" - not about secret agents
  9. it also has a theme about our real identity (this director also did "The Bourne Identity")... We need to awaken to our true identity as "secrets agents" of the Creator... the Bride of the Messiah, the "Pentecost Nation" with a mission to unite in love and service as a witness against the way of commerce and competition
  10. the last gunfight scene shows that once we stand together in love, there is no way they can stop us
  11. the screenwriter and director said in their commentary that this movie was a metaphor (about the Lamb and his Wife?)
  12. the numbers on the motel room doors, in order of appearance are: 51, 50, 49, 7, and 112; Biblically, these numbers are VERY significant. Translating the meaning of these numbers, using this order, says: the Divine Revelation(51) of Pentecost/Firstfuits(50) and Jubilee(49) will lead to the Spiritual Perfection(7) of the Children of Promise(100) in a Divine Government(12). In other words, the revelation of the Firstfruits as the "Pentecost Nation" (the "kingdom and priests" mentioned in Rev 5.9-10) will happen after the miraculous "Jubilee" deliverance which occurs at the end of the 7 church eras (7x7=49);
  13. the motel room door that the number 112 definitely appears "out-of-place" in the movie; the door appears to be crooked and off its hinges, and the number 112 is on the side of the door that is facing the INSIDE of another room that has a TV set on; it seems to be an intentional "mistake" by the director, and perhaps "divinely planted" by the Creator who wanted this movie to be a "parable" that only His Chosen would see and understand;
  14. Mr. and Mrs. Smith made a decision to "finish it" while they were hiding under the grate. The decision to "finish it" is exactly what we need to do. The Old Testament Israelites set the pattern for us to "finish it" - to fulfill the 2nd and 3rd Holydays of Leviticus 23, even as the Messiah said "It is finished" when He died on the cross, finishing/fullfilling the 1st Holyday - The Passover. The Messiah became "The Passover", and those called now will become "The Firstfruits" - the Holy "Pentecost Nation" Kingdom of Priests (Ex 19.4-6; Rev 5.9-10). Let us now "finish it" by standing together and overcoming the way of commerce and competition in the desert oasis that the Creator will supernaturally provide as our sanctuary. We, like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, have been imprisoned behind bars, hiding from the enemy, letting the "run over" us. Like them, we must decide to make a stand and "finish it" together as The Bride of the Messiah, and say to Him "There is no other place I would rather be!".

    My intuition is that the Creator is using this movie to wake us up to our true identity, that we are being called to be His People, and for us to come together in love and to come out of commerce. We become "dead" to commerce through repentance and baptism. Once we are joined together in truth with the Messiah, we can stand and prevail against any attacks!

    The saints need to come out of the accounting/charging system of commerce, and into the forgiving/serving system of love and cooperation. The saints now can and MUST return to the "Garden" of true love and service to one another (Isa 51.3; 52.8-12)! This is what the system of commerce fears the most! And this is the main point of the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"!!!