The Pentecost Milestone
DURING or BEFORE the Feast of Trumpets?

Why is the Feast of Pentecost observed BEFORE the Feast of Trumpets if its fulfillment occurs DURING the Feast of Trumpets at the 1st Resurrection, at the "last trump"?

Are we overlooking something that occurs BEFORE Trumpets?

Consider the following items:

1. Lev 23 shows the Feast of Pentecost (23.15-22) as occurring BEFORE the Feast of Trumpets (23.33-43). Both of these are TYPES for separate "milestone" events to be fulfilled on earth in the Creator's plan for mankind.

2. Rev 4-5 shows a final revival of Creationism and Redemption (Rev 4.11; Ps 22.27-31) resulting in "men purchased from every nation... made a kingdom and priests" (Rev 5.9-10), a global "harvest" occurring AFTER the church eras in Rev 2-3 and BEFORE the Seven Seals are opened in Rev 6-9.

3. 1 Cor 15.51-52; Rev 11.15; 15.1-2 are verses showing that the Firstfruits are resurrected DURING the Feast of Trumpets, at the "last trump" of the seven trumpets which compose the 7th Seal. This timing fulfills a promise given to the saints in Ps 149.5-9 of having the honor of executing judgment on the nations, with Armageddon as the Marriage Supper (Rev 19). However, the focus of the "last trump" is the 7 last plagues being poured out to overcome Babylon the Great, the Beast, and the False Prophet (Rev 15-16). The "It is done" in Rev 16.17 refers to the end of the Feast of Trumpets, not to the resurrection of the saints as fulfillment of the Feast of Firstfruits.

4. Rev 4.1; 7.1, 9; 15.5; 18.1; 19.1 all repeat the phrase "after these things", showing that Revelation portrays events that are occurring in a linear chronological order, except for certain inset chapters (12, 13, 14, 17, 18). Therefore the kingdom of priests in Rev 5.9-10 occurs AFTER the Laodicean Era and BEFORE the 1st Seal is opened.

5. Isa 55; 35; 43.18-21; 41.17-20; 52; 51.3-5, 9-16; 28.21; 62.10-12; 40-1-10; Ps 98.1-9; 107.1-7; 96; 22.27-31; Zeph 2.1,9; 3.12-20; Hag 2; Mic 4.6-13 are verses that strongly indicate an "everlasting sign" will occur in the desert, that a gathering of saints, a strong nation, will occur BEFORE the Great Tribulation.

6. 1 Cor 10.6,11 shows that the Old Testament Israelites were meant only as a TYPE for the Holy Nation that was to occur as the fulfillment of the Feast of Firstfruits in the End Time (Ps 95; 96.1-3,10-13; 98.1-9).

7. Mt 24.34 shows that all these things must be fulfilled BEFORE the End. Would the Creator do anything less than a global warning comparable to the witness given to Noah's generation before the Flood?

The association of Pentecost solely with the 1st resurrection has blinded us to the BIG event occurring BEFORE the Feast of Trumpets that fulfills this annual holyday - the Holy Nation that is called and gathers to the miraculously-transformed desert somewhere in Jacob (Ps 99.4) to become an "everlasting sign" (Isa 55.13) to the world, and to perform the worldwide gospel witness of Mt 24.14 before the End.

This "Pentecost Nation" Kingdom, this Spring Harvest of the Firstfruits, is something we have been overlooking since the Church began. Now is the time to understand this Good News (Gospel) and proclaim it to the world, as the true fulfillment of the Feast of Pentecost, and as the TYPE for the Kingdom portrayed in the Fall Harvest, the Feast of Tabernacles, fulfilled during the Millenium.