Another Parable about the 'Everlasting Sign'!

This appears to be a message, to those who are being called, that it will require FAITH to recognize the CREATOR of the "Everlasting Sign" - the "Garden Miracle in the Desert".

Here are some of the important points made in this movie:

  1. "{Proof}" is another metaphor about the Church (Catherine) and the Father (Robert).
  2. Catherine is a name that means "pure in heart". The true church is pure in heart.
  3. Robert is a name that means "bright" and "famous". The Father is full of Light and Wisdom, and is the most important being in the universe.
  4. Robert went crazy later in his life. The world thinks that the Father is "crazy" with all of His "writings" (Bible), especially the "Old Testament".
  5. Catherine spent much time with her father those last 5 years of his life, and learned math from him. Her handwriting even looked liked his. We also begin to take on Our Father's traits as we spend more time with Him.
  6. Catherine discovered the {proof}, but was not able to share it with her father. She locked it up in his desk. Often, we are not able to share our insights because others are not able to receive it, including the "elites" in a church hierarchy.
  7. Catherine, after saying she wrote it, realized that it really was her father's, since she had conferred with him about it at times during those 5 years. We also cannot say we created anything, since we truly receive everything from Our Father.
  8. Claire, Catherine's sister, also thought she was "crazy". This world's false churches regard the true church as crazy today.
  9. At the end of the movie, Catherine met Hal on campus, and she began to share again with him about the {proof}, and she related her method as just trying to "connect the dots". The "STOP SIGN" octagon-shaped chart on this website's home page is how I "connected the dots" about my {proof} revealing the Creator's plan for mankind.
  10. When Catherine was leaving Chicago with her sister, Hal tried to convince her to stay. They argued about proving whether she wrote the {proof}. She denied all of his arguments proving that she did write it. He asked "What would?" She said "NOTHING!". We have the same problem today. Nothing can ultimately "PROVE" that the Creator CREATED the Universe. None of us were there at the time, and none of us have an absolutely objective point of reference from which to base any "proof". It is arrogant presumption to think we can PROVE anything. Everything ultimately is a matter of TRUST and FAITH. We will have a chance to believe in the Creator and His Annual Holydays when the "Everlasting Sign" appears. Let's not "blow it" like Hal did. Let's take the Creator's word for it, since He has told us this BIG EVENT would happen long ago in all the verses I have posted on this topic on this website.
  11. As Catherine was reaching for the mayonnaise in the refrigerator, she received the insight about the {proof}. She wrote down in her notebook the exact words "But * is true!". This is a very interesting choice of words. The "*" symbol is oftentimes translated "times" when spoken. So is it saying "But times is true!"? "Times" in the Bible has referred to periods of years that fulfill certain prophesies, like the "seven times" in Leviticus 26, the "times" in Daniel 7, or the "times of the Gentiles" in Luke 21. But could it also be referring to the times or eras of the 7 churches in Revelation 2 and 3? Could it be giving us the clue that the "7 eras of the church is true!"? That the "Everlasting Sign" will be the {Proof} that this is true? That the Annual Holydays are true? That the "Pentecost Nation" will immediately appear after the "Everlasting Sign"? Or is this just a "coincidence" and not really the "still small voice" speaking to us who are awake and seeking the Light?
  12. Catherine stayed with her father for 5 years. "5" is the Biblical number for "grace". During this grace period, Catherine discovered her {proof} of self-worth, and that the "matter of consequence" was TRUST.
  13. Catherine was 27 years old at the time of her father's death. "27" is the Biblical number for "preaching the gospel". Is this age just a coincidence, or is it a clue that the message is about preaching the gospel (good news) about the "Everlating Sign" {Proof}!?
  14. Hal was 26 years old. "26" is the Biblical number for "gospel". It will take mankind and the true church to bring this good news of the discovery of this insight/{Proof} concerning the "Everlasting Sign" to light!
  15. Catherine was 22 years old when she started taking care of her father. "22" is the Biblical number for "light". Catherine's real enlightenment began once she decided to lose her life and serve her father.
  16. Catherine's father made major contributions in 3 different fields. "3" is the Biblical number for the "church".
  17. The math symbol {} defines "sets". It is a "grouping" symbol. Is this another clue that {Proof} is about the "Pentecost Nation" group?
  18. Hal was in the mindset of making money off of a math discovery. He was in "commerce".
  19. Catherine was not at all concerned about making money. The true church is not in "commerce". It is into TRUST, and serving.
  20. When Hal threw the notebook back to Catherine through the car window, he turned from commerce to love, trust and serving. This act enabled Catherine to go back to Hal and work with him. We must come out of commerce in order to fulfill the Mission given to us to assist the true church in bringing the "Everlasting Sign" {Proof} to mankind.
  21. The insight that Catherine had received from her father's help had to be locked away until someone worthy arrived on the scene and got close enough to her to enable her to entrust him with this discovery. Are we close enough to our Father and His true church to be entrusted with the knowledge behind the meaning of the "Everlasting Sign" as the fulfillment of the 2nd Annual Holyday? Will we receive it and trust that it was written by the Father and His true church?
  22. Our {proof} will come to us, once we decide that TRUST is more important.

    My intuition is that the Creator is using this movie to prepare us to face those who say our "proofs" are crazy when we declare our true identity AND our MISSION to believe in and PROCLAIM the reality of the "Pentecost Nation" - the daughter of Zion - His People - to this world! We will finally awaken to this mission and our true identity once we see the garden miracle in the desert appear and go there in FAITH, believing it was created by Our Father.