"Changing Lanes"

This appears to be a message to those who are being called by the Spirit of Truth (girl on the beach) to change from the way of commerce to the way of serving.

Here are some of the important points made in this movie:

  • the importance of the real signature on a contract - all based on contract law
  • "live on the edge with me" - knowing how to act as Living Soul in managing the fiction STRAWMAN
  • the dishonor of the CEO (by forging signature and stealing funds) enabled the man character to make the change to serving his fellow man without charge (doing pro bono legal work) - likewise we need to learn how to "monetize" this world's dishonors
  • the main character realized he was hurting the other man and his family - commerce hurts and is evil!
  • whoever has the original signature contract is the Creditor!
  • 20 minutes were needed to get to court (20 = redemption)
  • 5 minutes were needed to talk to man's wife (5 = grace)
  • if the father had not "gone to peace" and given the main character the signed contract, he would have prevented the main character from providing the remedy that he did - we need to realize our "enemy" holds our remedy, so we should go low in humility to give him the opportunity to be honorable and help us! Going to war is NOT the solution!

The saints need to come out of the accounting/charging system of commerce, and into the forgiving/serving system of cooperation and love. The saints now can and MUST return to the "Garden" (Isa 51.3; 52.8-12)!