Evolution is about God - NOT Nature!

Is there a MASTER KEY that will unlock
the mystery of the Universe,
and the drama unfolding here on Earth?

Yes, there is! And you are about to see how simple and profound it is in the next few pages. But you must be willing to have an open mind and a meek spirit -- or else it will be hidden from your eyes.

What follows is the result of my long and fervent search for the Truth. It started during my high school years, and after reading "Little Prince" in college, it became MY "matter of consequence" -- and it still is today. But now the time has come to write the results of this journey down and publish it -- for it surely is a gift given to me to share with others who are also struggling to find meaning to their lives and why there is so much evil in this world.

Now, I know most of you have heard about the theory of Evolution -- the idea that everything we see about us now on this earth came into existence solely through the operation of time and chance over billions of years. Well, despite the ardent and religious-like appeal of many of its advocates, this idea is still just a theory, and always will remain so because it is impossible for anyone to go back to the beginning of time and acquire the firsthand scientific evidence required to prove it to be factual.

But this is okay, because then it allows us to also dwell in the realm of theory and speculation, and to advocate a position that also cannot be proved scientifically.

If you truly are being open-minded, then you will accept either theory as being intellectually legitimate and equally viable as a foundation for one's world view and belief system.

So let us fairly consider the opposite theory -- that all of this we see around us did NOT happen by chance over billions of years. Let us suppose that there really is intelligent life in outer space. This should not be too hard to imagine with all of the science fiction and alien movies on the market today.

Now here is where the "meek spirit" needs to come in. Suppose, just suppose these aliens are much smarter than us. That's possible, right? Of course that's possible. Now, just suppose they could be so far advanced that they could have actually engineered (created) us. Yes, that's just as possible. Well then, it could also be possible that these beings could have even created the entire universe! Why not?

Okay, now I realize that is quite a leap to take and is quite a blow to humanity's ego. But if you are going to be fair and intellectually honest -- you have to accept this as a legitimate possibility.

If you cannot make this leap, I submit that it is not because you lack imagination, but rather because you do not like the idea of being inferior or accountable to any other being. Well, that is understandable, but it is quite irrelevant when we're considering what may actually be out there in outer Space beyond our "sensor range".

If you are unwilling to admit there could be a race of super-intelligent beings in outer space, then you can stop reading now.

For those who are honest and can see this as a legitmate possibility, I am going to present to you a story. I say a "story" because I cannot prove it. I will not presume to prove it -- for it cannot be proven. It, like the theory of evolution -- can only be believed!

In the Beginning...

Once upon a time, long long ago, there were two majestic beings. They had amazing powers and intelligence. And they had agreed upon a way of life that would allow them to always have a deep respect and love for each other.

As time went by, they desired to share that way of life -- to have a "family" of beings just like themselves.

They started out by first creating a council of 24 "elders" and 4 living creatures to assist them in the planning.

After perhaps billions of years of planning, it was decided that they would create a "Universe" -- a place where their new family would live. However, before creating this Universe, they decided to create some more beings called "angels" who would act as ministers and helpers in watching over the Universe and the new family members.

Then finally the day came when they put their plan into motion -- the Universe was created. The angels witnessed this awesome event firsthand and were amazed at the power and wisdom of the two Master Beings.

One of the leading angels, named Lucifer, was given the honor of preparing Earth for the final stage of the Master Plan -- the creation of temporary "human" beings made in the image and likeness of the two Master Beings. Lucifer's job was to help enlighten and educate humanity in the Way of life that produces respect and love. The human beings who then agreed with that "Way" would receive part of the very being and nature of the Two Master Beings and over time become permanent "spirit" beings and members of the new "God Family". In helping humanity fulfill their destiny Lucifer and the angels would also be rewarded. So, this final stage of the Master Plan also served as qualifying period for all of the angels - to see if they would also agree with the "Way" -- to see if they would remain loyal to their "Creator" and trust that their happiness would also be provided for.

Lucifer's Rebellion

Well, evidently Lucifer began to have doubts about this, and began to wonder if these two Master Beings truly were his creators. After all, he was only taking their word for it that they had created him. He couldn't "prove" it one way or the other. Perhaps, instead, just as he saw the Universe appear out of "nothing", these two Master Beings just appeared out of nothing too. Perhaps they had just "evolved" over the vast amounts of time and space into these powerful and majestic beings, and that he too had evolved and would eventually become a "Master Being". Perhaps these two "Master Beings" were not so special after all -- it was just that they had evolved first before he did, and that he could become just as powerful as they were. He could become a "God" too. The only thing keeping him back was his own thinking and belief that these two Master Beings had "created" him.

So Lucifer began talking this over with some of the other angels, cautiously at first because he did not want the Master Beings to become suspicious, and also because he just wasn't sure about it either. But gradually, the more he talked about it, the more he began to believe it to be the truth, and he began to convince many of the other angels assigned to assist him on Earth. They now believed that the Master Beings, as well as they themselves, had "evolved", that the Master Beings had kept that a secret from them in order to keep them in a subordinate position, and under the Master Beings' control.

Eventually, this idea became Lucifer's "religion", and after he convinced one-third of all of the angels to believe likewise, he secretly planned to attack the Master Beings and take over the whole Universe.

The attack was sudden and vicious. The entire Universe was scarred by the nuclear-magnitude explosions. But Lucifer underestimated the power of the two Master Beings and the other angels, so the attack failed and Lucifer and his followers were thrown back to the Earth. In a last ditch effort to thwart the Master Plan of creating human beings on Earth, Lucifer tried to destroy the Earth with a cosmic firestorm of comets and asteroids. However, this destruction was stopped when the Master Beings covered the Earth with a thick blanket of water, just as it states in Genesis 1:2 and which corresponds to the Mesozoic Period shown in the Geologic Time Scale diagram above.

The Restoration

As a result of this test period with the angels, the Master Beings now knew for a certainty that only beings "begotten" with their very own essence and character could be counted on to understand their Way of life and remain loyal to their Creators and thereby qualify to become permanent members of their new "God Family". They determined then to design a human "family" experience that would be a pattern for the spiritual "family" experience that would last forever. To reinforce this model, the two Master Beings took on the roles essential to a "family" relationship. One became the "Father" and the other became the "Son". They declared their family name to be "Elohim" -- "God".

Perhaps a few thousand years passed after Lucifer's attack, during which God finalized his plan to create humanity. But finally the day came to restore the Earth and make it fit for human life. It took only six days to restore the Earth and to create the first humans. Then, on the seventh day God rested as a pattern for all humanity to observe as a memorial of the creation, and to prevent them from making the same mistake Lucifer made in believing in the idea of evolution. God would reserve the seventh day of every "week" for instructing humanity in the truth of their human "family" existence and his plan for them to become part of his God family. And this "week" pattern was meant to show humanity how long his Master Plan would take -- 7,000 human years!

Humanity's Rebellion

Meanwhile, Lucifer (now renamed "Satan" -- the Adversary) after seeing that God had successfully initiated his plan to create human beings, now decided on a new strategy to unseat God and destroy humanity. After all, Satan didn't want to contend with a whole family of more beings just like the Father and Son the next time he would attack. So, since God would not allow Lucifer to destroy humanity, he planned to turn these new beings against God just like he did with one third of the angels -- by convincing them that the idea of evolution was true. This time, however, he would do it by pre-disposing humanity to believe that God evolved by first brainwashing them with the idea that Nature and the Universe evolved. Of course Satan knew that this is a lie since he saw firsthand that God created it -- it was no "accident" over billions of years!

Satan is aware of God's plan to turn human beings into spirit beings. What Satan is counting on is to enlist most of these new spirit beings to his side to launch another attack when he has enough on his side and then outnumber God and his angels. Satan believes that he lost the first battle only because he did not have enough spirit beings on his side.

However, the flaw in Satan's plan is in underestimating God's ability to build his character into human beings before changing them into spirit beings. Once humans become part of God's "divine" family, they will forever be loyal to him -- because they will have proven that to God and to themselves before their human lives ended.

Nevertheless, Satan does not believe that they cannot be convinced to rebel against God as spirit beings, just as he does not now believe God actually created him. So Satan's plan to brainwash humanity started with the first human beings God created, named Adam and Eve. The incident in the Garden of Eden showed just how subtle and cunning Satan's logic is. It apparently was very easy to convince Adam and Eve that God was lying to them -- that God was keeping them in ignorance of the fact that they too could become God, that the only thing keeping them back was their willingness ("gullibility" according to Satan) to believe that God was their Creator and Owner. Satan knew that if they would begin to doubt God's word, and then determine for themselves what the truth is, they would, by that very act, become "God" -- determining and creating reality. This is the essence of "partaking of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil" -- determining by yourself what the Truth is - what is good and what is evil - what is real and unreal. This is how each of us truly can become "god" in our own reality. This is also the essence of the idea of evolution -- that we are evolving into gods on our own power, if we will just let go of the "lie" keeping us in a subordinate position to a so-called "Creator".

So we see that Adam and Eve, the very first humans, fell for the same line that one third of the angels did. And this eventually led to a second great flood upon the earth in Noah's time 2,000 years later and which corresponds to the Cenozoic Period shown in the Geologic Time Scale diagram above.

And now, after about 6,000 years of human history, we can see that this evolutionary foundation for human civilization has produced and justified much of the suffering and misery that comes with a "survival of the fittest" mindset and predatory economic competition. Humanity's rebellion has not resulted in the "Utopia" and freedom that was advertised. Yet today it still is the basic tenet behind even the more recent movements that assert that man is coming close to an evolutionary leap in consciousness, and will even be able to consciously control and expedite his own human evolutionary development -- to finally become "Ascended Masters" (spirit beings) by their own power. That's quite heady philosophy! However, it is obviously the same sales pitch used on the angels and the first humans, if you have eyes to see.

The "Final Answer"

So where does this leave each of us today? Whom should we believe? Did Lucifer have a valid point in desiring proof that God was in truth his creator, that God was not taking advantage of his ignorance to keep him suppressed and under God's control? To state the question in another way -- Did God truly LOVE him? This is the real question -- this is the real issue. If Lucifer knew for a certainty that God truly loved him, he would know that God would always have his best interest in mind and would always provide everything he needed to have a happy and fullfilling existence.

Lucifer's question is the same question that Job had during his sufferings when he lost everything and was near death. Did God really LOVE him? At that point in time God could only convince Job by showing him how much God cared for all of his creation, and provided for their every need.

However, God knew that ultimately only one proof would be adequate enough to show that God truly is THE CREATOR and truly LOVES ALL of his creation. It would be the "FINAL ANSWER" to the Ultimate Question -- Is God GOD? And that Final Answer could only be his willingness to give up his own existence. One of the two Master Beings would have to die as proof that they really do LOVE us, and are not lying to us that they are our Creators. What greater proof could there be? Think about it... as humans, it seems that we often measure another person's true love for us by how much they are willing to "suffer" for us. We appreciate and understand that people really do care for us when they are willing, for example, to sacrifice their own career to provide us with a college education, or more seriously when someone becomes an organ donor so that another may live. It seems that in the human plane, that love is measured by how much suffering is endured. So, for God to communicate the truth of his love for us, he would have to undergo the ultimate in suffering, and even death. God is NOT a sadist or masochist! It is because of our own human, almost perverse, standard of measuring love by how much pain is endured that the Son had to suffer such a horrible beating and death. It is because we humans are so hard-hearted, skeptical and egotistical. The Father, who had loved the Son for all eternity, was willing to risk losing his Son for all eternity (if the Son had sinned as a human) and to allow his Son to be tortured to death, in order to prove to you and me (and even Lucifer) that he truly is GOD and does sincerely LOVE us. There could be no greater proof!

Your Responsibility Now

Evolution is about God -- NOT Nature. Reject Satan's religion about the evolution of God. This includes rejecting all ideas and customs based on this religion -- secular humanism, atheism, gnosticism, new age illuminism, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, reincarnation, etc.

Then learn about God's Master Plan by keeping the weekly Sabbath and the annual Sabbaths commanded in Leviticus 23. Study God's Word -- the Holy Bible (NASB, KJV). Be baptized (immersed) as a sign of your acceptance of Christ's death to pay the penalty for your own life of not believing God, and as a sign of your faith in and loyalty towards God. Then have hands laid upon you by the authority of Jesus Christ to be begotten by God the Father and receive a part of his own holy spirit and nature. You then become a member of God's Family and, upon overcoming Satan and your own ego, will be changed into a spirit being when Christ returns to Earth to establish a physical Kingdom based on his Law of LOVE. This Kingdom will initially last for 1,000 years, during which humanity will not be deceived by Satan, and will finally experience a world of peace and prosperity for all, and will become spirit beings after they make their choice to accept God's Way of Life for eternity. Then, after the 1,000 years, everyone that ever lived without knowing about God's Plan will be resurrected to physical life again and be given their chance to freely choose God's Way. The last step of God's Master Plan will be the final resurrection of those who deliberately rejected God's Way so they can be judged and destroyed. Then the entire physical Universe will be destroyed and be replaced by a spiritual Universe for the God Family to live in happily ever after.

"For God so loved the world,
that He gave his only begotten Son,
that whomsoever believeth in him should not perish,
but have everlasting life."

John 3.16