Movie Sermons?

Have you ever wondered about the underlying messages being communicated by some of the movies coming out lately?

Most of those who have eyes to see and ears to hear understand there are definite commercial/spiritual metaphors inside the Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, The Truman Show, The Matrix, and more recently The 25th Hour, The Island, I Robot, and Changing Lanes.

There is a man in Ohio who often reviews these movies and enlightens us to their hidden spiritual biblical dimensions and helps us see a pattern emerging from "Holy/Hollywood" that makes you wonder if the very Creator of the entire universe is not using these movie directors and producers unawares to deliver His messages/sermons to His People in this modern information age.

Is there precedent in the Bible to lend credibility to the proposition that the Creator can be using the movie industry today to deliver messages to His People?

Certainly, we are very familiar with how many of the Old Testament prophets were used by the Creator to warn His People when they forsook the path He told them to follow for their own good.

But what about the Creator using people who are unaware of being used to deliver His messages? Is there any record of this happening in the Bible?

The record of the Book of Job is perhaps the best example, because Job was used by the Creator to deliver a message to Satan. You see, Satan has what you might call a spiritual "blind spot". It was the same blind spot that Job had, but Satan could not see it and point it out as a character flaw in Job when Satan was accusing Job. This "blind spot" was self-righteousness.  Eventually, under great stress, this finally became apparent to Job at the end of the book. But Satan never got the message that it was Satan, as well as Job, that was self-righteous. In fact, it appears that Job never became aware that his lesson was also an object lesson for Satan. Perhaps this will not be revealed to Job until his resurrection.

Another lesson concerning pride is from the Book of Daniel, chapter 4, when Nebuchadnezzar lost sight of the fact that the Creator set him up as a world ruler and "that the Most High is ruler over the realm of mankind, and bestows it on whomever He wishes". So, at the very moment Nebuchadnezzar thought to take credit for Babylon's great power and wealth, denying the Creator's role in all of it, that is when the Creator struck Nebuchadnezzar down with a disease for seven years, becoming like an animal eating grass.  At the end of seven years, he was healed and he realized his mistake of denying that the Creator rules in the realm of mankind, and can orchestrate events and deliver messages through people to bring honor to His name. It is interesting that Nebuchadnezzar was even warned about this in a dream, so that he would not lose sight of this truth, even after Daniel explaining the meaning of the dream to him. Perhaps this is something the movie directors should take stock of too, and not make the same mistake of claiming their success is due only to their own efforts, and that the Creator is not involved with them unawares in bringing honor to His name by educating His People who are listening to and understanding His hidden messages in their movies.

Even those who are enemies of the Creator can be used of Him unawares to bring glory and honor to His name. A prime example of this is in the Book of Exodus, when the Creator hardened Pharaoh's heart to provide a witness to the entire world of His power and greatness in delivering His People from bondage in Egypt to become His Holy Nation.

Then later, after His People's captivity again in Babylon for failing to keep His commandments to be His Holy Nation, Cyrus, the King of Persia, was used to rebuild Jerusalem. The Creator even had the name of Cyrus recorded in His Word, so Cyrus would know for sure that the Creator was using him for this purpose (2 Chron 26.22-23; Jer 25.12; Isa 44.28; 45.1-13). Perhaps this is a type for a modern leader who will be used to set His People and Offspring in this age free.

If you have any doubts that the Creator cannot influence world leaders to thwart plans to destroy His People, read the Book of Esther. Haman had a plan for genocide, but the Creator caused King Ahasuerus to be restless one night so that he couldn't sleep, and so then the king "gave an order to bring the book of records, the chronicles, and they were read before the king." This lead to the unraveling of Haman's plan of genocide for the Jewish nation, and Haman was hanged on the gallows he had built to hang Mordecia on. Mordecia was the very man the king read about in the records and whom he decided to honor for saving the king from assassination! This is a warning for us today to pray fervently and daily for our government leaders whom the Creator may use unawares and turn at any moment to bring the true saints their remedy and deliverance!! Who knows that the Creator won't cause the US President to have a sleepless night, and have him read the verses in Isaiah 55, 35, etc., and have him sign an Executive Order to grant the saints some land in the desert to bring about the "Holy Nation", and cause a tremendous blessing to come upon America when the Creator miraculously transforms that desert into an oasis of health, wealth, honor and service as "the everlasting sign that will not be cut off" (Isa 55.13)!

But the record in the Bible shows that the Creator is not limited to just using individuals accomplish His purpose, but He also works with entire nations in order to give messages to all of mankind. The nation of Nineveh was used to show that nations can repent and cause the Creator to change His mind about executing national punishments. The nation of Assyria was used to punish the House of Israel, the 10 northern tribes, for not carrying out the message by example of being the Creator's Holy Nation. In fact, the entire history of the twelve tribes of Israel as the Creator's Holy Nation can be viewed as the message to His People in this age, that, without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Nation could not succeed.  

The good news is that the message left by the Old Testament Holy Nation will finally be understood in the end-time generation, and will result in the fulfillment of the Creator's intention of creating a Holy Nation BEFORE the end of this present age of man's rule over this earth. Despite the Supreme Court nominee John Robert's belief, as cited in his October 11, 1984 memo to President Reagan that "God creates things like the heavens and the earth, and the birds and the fishes, but not nations.", the obvious intention of the Creator in redeeming His People from Egypt and bringing them into the land promised to Abraham was exactly to create a nation - His Holy Nation! In fact, the timing of making public this particular comment of John Roberts is particularly interesting since the Creator is about to bring on the world scene the very fulfillment this Holy Nation of which the ancient Israelites were only meant to be a type. The creation of the end-time Holy Nation is as sure as the rain causing the plants to grow! (Isa 55.10-13), and will be the fulfillment of the next "horizon event" in the Creator's Leviticus 23 annual holydays commanded to be kept forever by His People - that event being the Feast of Pentecost, the Feast of the Firstfruits, the Spring Harvest of those called first to become part of His divine ruling Family, with the Fall Harvest, the Ingathering pictured by the Feast of Tabernacles, occurring during the thousand years after the Messiah returns to rule the world as King of Kings.

In summary then, yes, Hollywood (Holy Wood?) can be used by the Creator, to give messages to His People in the information age. However, these "Hollywood Sermons" are not in every movie. It is left up to the saints, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to sift the wheat from the tares, and learn the path to peace and honor and truth that will free them today. So, watch and listen closely to the messages the Creator may be sending to us from all avenues of creation - even the movies!