"The Island"

This appears to be a message to those "special" people who are being called as the "Firstborn", the "Chaste Virgins" who are clothed in "White Garments", whose minds are being miraculously quickened to receive knowledge of events "supernaturally" by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. They are going to be freed from the world of commerce (insurance policy) that is merchandising them and killing them. They are going to have a "rebirth" ("Renovatio") and come onto the world scene in the desert!

Here are some of the important points made in this movie:

  • Tom Lincoln is the main character - Abe "Lincoln" is indentified with freeing slaves
  • Sarah Jordan is the supporting character - "Sarah" is the mother of the promised nation; "Jordan" is the river crossed to enter the promised land
  • white garments in the Bible signify the righteousness of the saints
  • the reference to these clones being "special" is the same terminology used to describe God's People as being "a special people unto Himself" (Deut 7.6; 1 Pet 2.9)
  • the clones were not "infected" by the outside world (sin)
  • the clones were called an "insurance policy" - this world is all about commerce, risk and insurance
  • Tom Lincoln found the "escape hatch" - God promises to always provide a "way of escape" for His saints (1 Cor 10.13)
  • "the island is REAL" - the Holy Nation "island" is as REAL as the rain causing the plants to grow (Isa 55.10-11)
  • "the island is us" - Sarah realized the clones, the people themselves, were the paradise to come. This is a message that the Firstfruits, the special Holy People, the Holy Nation - NOT a literal island - will be what makes the paradise... people with the Holy Spirit in them. These are people who will be SERVING in LOVE instead of COMPETING in COMMERCE! "By this shall they know you are my disciples, because you love one another (Jn 13.35).
  • "Renovatio" is Latin for "rebirth" - this is another reference to the "firstborn", who will be the first to be reborn at the first resurrection when the Messiah returns; the Feast of Firstfruits (Pentecost) is the Creator's annual holyday that pictures these firstborn becoming a "Holy Nation" BEFORE the Messiah's return (Isa 55; Ps 98; Rev 5.9-10).
  • the desert setting where this cloning facility is located is exactly the same setting prophesied to be the place where Holy Nation will miraculously appear BEFORE the Messiah's return (Isa 55.5,13; Isa 35; 41.17-20; 43.18-21)
  • the "Island" metapahor fits perfectly the description of how this Holy Nation will look to the world as it becomes a flourishing paradise oasis in the desert, with its people serving each other without charge, in direct contrast to the system of charging and competing with each other in the world of commerce (Isa 35; 51.3; 40.1-5; 55.1; Ps 87; 103)!

The saints need to come out of the accounting/charging system of commerce, and into the forgiving/serving system of cooperation and love. The saints now can and MUST return to the "Garden" (Isa 51.3; 52.8-12)!